Monday, 15 June 2009

Im Team Blue..What are you!?

I have another obsession, to add to Tokio Hotel, Tom Kaulitz and Twilight..i can now add..JLS (Jack the lad swing) or even more specific... Aston Merrygold..! For all the British readers of my blog, they may have heard of him and the group, if you are not British they will be NEW to you! JLS were a group of boys that auditioned for the "X-Factor" here in the UK last year, as well as wowing the judges they captured girls hearts up and down the country. the members are;

ASTON, ORITSE - (pronounced... O-REE-SHAY), MARVIN & JB - (Jonathan Gill)

Each boy on the show would wear their own colour, and pretty soon girls up and down the country were choosing what team they were on based on the colours of the boys,

BLUE was Aston
RED was Oritse
GREEN was Marvin
I am of course Team BLUEEE :)
The boys did amazing on the show and came in second place, missing out on winning to Alexandra Burke. The boys have been recording for a while now and they have just come out with their new video. Now..the video to me, is very cheesy and reminds me of "Blue" circa 2001.. :/ BUT i doo love the song for some reason, it is also not the usual type of music i listen too..But its good! (Y) i liked them when they were n the X-Factor and i still like them, and Aston Merrygold is amazingly SEXYYY..

Astonn ♥


Aston Merrygold.

So what do you guys think?? hes so gorgeous in my eyes!! ♥



Joana Machado said...

Never heard about them.
But I guess If I had to choose a team, I would be of the green team :D


Anaa said...

pois, eu nao moro no reino unido, portanto nao estou dentro do assunto.
mas o do team blue é muito giro *.*

Está tudo bem?

Anaa said...

que fixe *.* Depois conta como foi :D

O que é que a tua amiga está a fazer :O

Joana Machado said...

I can't wait to see all the pictures from the zoo :D
Oh God, I literally passed out
when I saw them. I paid a lot for them but they are amazing and I love them *-*
Oh, that's cool. Steal a kiss for me too! xD

bjks *

Anaa said...

oh, que mau. Detesto ter problemas com as amigas. Deixa-nos sempre mal-dispostos.

Já leste o eclipse?

Sylvia said...

team rainbow lol
that mostlt onsists of blue and green lol

Anonymous said...

New Laura white forum

Anonymous said...

prefer marvin,astons a little too feminine and is probably shorter than me lol

Ana said...

to the person above.. ( i wish you had left your name for me) lol
um, marvin iss very veryy fitt too! ;) i agree with you, but theres something about Aston! <3
and thanks for the new forum! :)

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