Thursday, 18 June 2009

An update; SORRY!

Hello my lovelies.
I have to say sorry to anyone, who wrote to me and i took a very long time to reply. i have been so very busy this week. The ceiling in my bathroom is gone. We had alot of rain a few days ago and it made the ceiling weak, i called the council and they came and knocked it down. so now we just have a huge hole up there. The carnival is also coming so I've had to fix things for that, so i am sorry for the LACK of updates and posts and I'm sorry that it may have taken me awhile to get back to all of you! :) Soo here's an update...Tokio Hotel have had 2 songs leaked on to the Internet, supposedly..ive heard them and im excited for the new album soo much, "pain of love" sounds like its gonna be good! ;) that is IF it is their songs.. LOL.
NEXT i have recently become addicted to JLS again, like i was back in 2008 Christmas time, i missed them and Aston. I cant wait..for JULY! ;X i have a video to upload of them all, which reminds me of the Tokio Hotel Boys. For some reason, Aston reminds me of TOM, Oritse reminds me of GEORG, Marvin reminds me of BILL and JB reminds me of GUSTAV. When i upload the video and you watch it, you will understand why they remind me of them! :) i promise! haha
Hers a pic of my bathroom ceiling at the moment..its so scary to shower in there at the moment;;

the hole is so huge that my dad can fit in there;;

Its so awful!! i hate it!! :( And notice the rest of the ceiling is patchy black, because of the rain..i want it all gone..!! :/ going to have to get the council to come and fix it!

This is why i have been so busy recently. :/ tis not good. ill leave this blog there for now. Also youtube is being a wank and not letting me upload all my zoo videos! tut! PFTTT!



Wiinky said...

WOW, I hope you'd get your bathroom ceiling fixed as quick as possible :)

I'm fine, summer holidays are starting :D

Kristen Anderson™ [XaNiNHaHh*] said...

eheh, but you really have that accent, and it's sooo cute *O*



Anaa said...

oh, que mau. Ter problemas em casa é sempre muito mau!

O zoo de Londres parece-me bem maior e melhor do que o zoo de lisboa.
porque será? xd

Anaa said...

pois, acredito.
O zoo de lisboa é o unico de Portugal :P
Parece-me que o de londres é maior, mas o nosso em Lisboa também não é nada de mau, aliás, eu adoro-o e quero voltar lá em breve. :p

Joana Machado said...

God, it's really big :S
I hope everything gets fixed soon!

bjks *

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