Sunday, 28 June 2009

The Aftermath..

So Guten abend all..! boa noite..! Good Evening..!
lets see today had consisted of me, MSN-ing, Facebooking, Twittering, Blogging, Ebaying and Cleaning..All while Michael Jackson hits played int he background. I also tried to learn how to do the moonwalk. Yeah that FAILED! :P And i now want to watch "Chicago" badly thanks to Peyton! :) so i changed my profile song today. HEHE i love this new song too :) tell me if you like it?!! I also added a header to the page, but don't worry I'm going to change it again soon, i just wanted to see if it worked and it does..I'm so good with my technical HTML stuff! :) I'm going to change the stuff fin my sidebar soon too..soo i have a lot to do to this blog! :] haaa.
ohh "Beat It - Michael Jackson" just came on..I'm jamming to that now! HAHA i may make a video of me and my sisters dancing to Michael music..and then upload for you all to laugh at. i still have more Zoo videos coming too :P **sorry its taken so long** :) and what else is there..Hm i finally found my dungarees, i will post a pic soon.. and i have the most amazing new shirt, even if it does show my bra a little, its gorgeous. I'm waiting on a new top and a book (very old book) to come from Ebay :D and theres not much else to report.
I got a nice comment the was confusing but good..! They didn't leave their name, whoever it was soo i will never know, but i answered them back on my blog comments! If your reading this..What did i teach you? lol - They left me a little phrase, which i it is..

life sucked on Monday,
life's great today,
nothing changed,
go figure

Peace Pictures, Images and Photos

until next time,


Kristen Anderson™ [XaNiNHaHh*] said...

thanks *_____________*

gosh, sometimes parents can become really annoying x.x eheh

well, good luck to that similar suck! Anyway...also good luck to me lol


Sylvia said...

i love your blogg song i love yurima lol
i really do]board at home jut called yur mob to see if you were gonna be a lunch coz skool finished erly now i sit her listing to your blog feeling a lttle jelouse i want it on mine lol :P
love youuuuuuu
xoxo and yr blogg

Anaa said...

nao faz mal, eu ontem tambem estive no concerto da katy perry e nao podia responder.

O teu perfil está muito giro. Foi uma mudança para melhor, sem duvida! as fotos são todas muito giras, e o perfil ficou muito mais colorido

Pois, agora toda a gente fala do Michael Jackson...ele era muito famoso mesmo :/

Kristen Anderson™ [XaNiNHaHh*] said...

thanks =D

Gosh, I'm going crazy right throat hurt so bad =S
It's because the weather. it's sun, then it's raining, then it's sun warming suck so bad! grrr...

Wiinky said...

My videoblog for you is uploading :)
love the music <33

Wiinky said...

Awwww, thanks :D
Okay, I wouldn't mind, though I love that pillow *__*

Também te adoro :D <3

Wiinky said...

Oh, I have the whole thing too. But it needs to go to the washing machine so I keep changing =)

I bought it in the TH's official merchandising site. I think it ships for the UK too. It has one in red that is awesome !! I'll order it in the next few weeks, I think... =P

Oh, I'm glad I made you smile :D <33

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