Sunday, 21 June 2009

For Ana & Wiinky

Hello World, so i have been asked by Ana and Wiinky to do a video blog for them, wiinky wanted me to speak a little English, because she loves my accent, and Ana wanted me in Portuguese so she could understand me a little! LOL so i did both and its all mixed up into this..;;

Hope you enjoy it and I'm sorry for any mistakes! :/ hahaa

Sorry for the quality of the camera, its my laptop one NOT my digital camera, because that one takes tooo long to upload on youtube. LOL so sorry for the quality. Hope you like it! :)

Till next time


Joana Machado said...

Mistakes? I didn't see any mistakes while you were talking. And let me say, your portuguese is amazing!
And yeah, you have a english accent. And I LOVE it! :D
It was nice to hear you talking in portuguese.

Wiinky said...

Awww, adorei adorei adorei :D
Really, what an awesome video. Tomorrow I'll do one too in both english as portuguese, eheh =P

You got it right, that's how I say "wiinky". I think - and hope- that everyone says it the same way =P

Oh, and btw, I think you did just one small mistake with the verb tense, but you're portuguese is perfect for someone who's in the UK for 17 years :)

BIG Hug babe, talk 2 u tomorrow =P


Anaa said...

o teu portugues é tao querido.
nao dás erros quase nenhuns, quando muito num verbo ou outro.
o video está fantastico e falas muito bem portugues *.*

Kristen Anderson™ [XaNiNHaHh*] said...

eheheh yes, you have an english accent ^^

adorei o video!


*IzzY_MeL* said...

que video tão divertido, amei!Falas tão bem portugues, a serio!E na verdade tens um pouco de sotaque british ehehe o que é aquele Dove? condicionador? És muito divertida! You should be always like that!:D


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