Monday, 22 June 2009

My New JLS link.

Bonjour, im feeling a little better today, its still not fully gone, the feeling i have..but i don't think that will go away any more now. Its here to stay, forever engraved in my heart. Theres no way to escape it now..! i feel like i still have so much to post here about the ZOO and its driving me crazy, i have photos and videos and urghhh too much overload. This Wednesday i will do a big post with all the zoo things, if youtube allows me to upload the videos. i needed something to cheer me up..because i have been a bit miserable lately so today i went out and brought a pair of shoes. picture coming soon. They are lovely..! ;)
Remember i also told you about a video to do with JLS where they remind me of Tokio Hotel. well.. I'm going to post that now..

Watch JLS nearly miss their flight, because they are getting everyone's food in Wagamamas!

JB is so much like Gustav..already there, on time, bright and early..!!
Marvin is so much like Bill..Panicky and worried they will miss the flight..!!
Oritse is so much like Gerog..Stays behind and giggles the whole time, not at all worried..!!
Aston is so much like Tom..With Oritse (georg), taking the mick..and bless his trousers keep falling down..!! LOOL

Anyways, these boys always make me smile.. *You might wanna rub that in.. - Rub What??* LOL so funny ;) ima leave this blog here for now..i need to take a pic of the new shoes!

Blog back in a bit


Kristen Anderson™ [XaNiNHaHh*] said...

eheheh thanks *-*

hmmm, I'm gonna think about that idea of the videolog...seems cool ^^


Anaa said...

aconteceu alguma coisa de muito grave para te sentires assim?

O video está giro :)
Gostei da comparação entre eles e os Tokio hotel hahaha, ficou engraçado. E claro o que tu preferes é parecido com o teu preferido da banda, o tom :)

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