Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Zoo Part 2

Hey a quick hello before i go to work and some more Zoo photos, im going to try and upload all the ones that are left kay!! :P here we go..
Me near the kangaroos, looks like I'm in Australia. :)

The emus.. they had fun playing together.

Scary EMU :/ hahaa

Even scarier looking snake..EWW

Sylvia and Monica Munching on food.. LOL @ sylvia's face

Me and Sylvia.. DOPEY COWS

The 3 of us, food time yummyyy! :D

The biggest OINKER!! ever ¬.¬

Monica and the sheep.. ;)

Sylvia's first time in the petting part for children! ;)
Ants carrying leaves, amazingly strong creatures.

Giraffe.. HAHA @ its legs!

New favourite animal! :]

ME and my favourite animal! :P

Ice-Cream time for me and Monica.. YUM!

Harry Potter Scene was filmed in The London Zoo! ha, =)

This animal (whatever it was..) did that hugee POO and then walked away..ew, sylvia said..
I just realised they don't wipe their bum after! how gross..! :P hahaaa

HAHA sylviaaaa... why?!! lool

Exit - Home timee - Fun day..!

Picture spam overr.. and the Zoo pics are done, most of them anyway..sorry for the longgg post! Videos are still to come..but that will take time to upload! :/



Anna said...

haha they look jokes!
i went there like a few months ago, i love it :)

aw yeah i know what you meann
yeahhh the birthday was amazingg :)

could NOT breathe in my dress though!

Anaa said...

:D nao faz mal.
sim ouvi..acho que o mundo todo ouviu falar da morte dele. Meu deus, ele era uma grande lenda.

O zoo é tão bonito.
A cena do Harry Potter deixou-me mesmo com saudades de ler os livros.
O zoo de Londres é dos melhores do mundo, se eu um dia for a Londres hei-de ir ao zoo.
O nosso tem todas essas especies, mas é mais pequeno, eu acho.


Wiinky said...

awww, the famous zoo from Harry Potter. *.*
I need to go there someday :P

HUG <33

Anonymous said...

Daniel was so small in the picture haha..

Joana Machado said...

Gosh, I loved the pictures :D

*IzzY_MeL* said...

WOW parecia mesmo que estavam na Austrália! *.*

Que divertido!! :D Fiquei com vontade de visitar o Zoo também!

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