Friday, 19 June 2009


Hello World, i can blog a little today. woohoo i have some time! firstly I'm going to make 2 new links on my sidebar, One called Twilight and the Other called JLS. more labels for y posts, although i cant really be bothered to go back through all my posts and arrange them into those 2 labels, so I'll start from now on. When i post about twilight or about JLS they will be under the links. Moving on..hows everyones week gone?? i have soo many neww visitors, this last week they have been coming from all over the world. So HELLLOOOO to you all who are abit shy to leave me a comment and let me know you have been here..don't be afraid, i answer everyone back and i love hearing from all of you! :P In other news, im so ecited for the meeting with JLS. i am literally praying shannon will come down, it will be and her getting lost while trying to find the boys. ha ;)
Tomorrow is carnival! so excited, i need to go wash my hair for it..!

Blog soon..

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Joana Machado said...

Awee, tomorrow is carnival!
Unfortunately,tomorrow I'll spend my day studying. --'

Hope you'll have a nice day :)

bjks *

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