Sunday, 21 June 2009


I feel the need to blog right now.
i dont know how to feel, i mean im torn, im hurt, im upset and mostly im confused. I hate "IT" but i have no say in "IT". What can i do, apart fro sit here and feel silly. How could i let it effect me this much..but as i think about it, its still NOTHING to how i felt on the 22nd of January 2008, i guess that says alot about everything. i have nothing more to say, at the end of the day..its my own fault for allowing myself to get so caught up in "IT" that now i feel like this. WORST thing is, im just gonna do it all over again, im gonna allow myself to be swept up in the next thing, and then i will end up feeling like this yet again..and as always, i will blame myself and say i should have known better when i really did, bu ti didnt the time it was perfect. :/
i still feel it though, i wont be able to stop it.. :(



Joana Machado said...

Believe me, it's disgusting. He is a complete joke.
Yeah, Classic Culture is amazing. We read the greek classics, like Odissey and Iliad (both from Homer), King Edipo (Sofocle), The Bacchae (Euripedes), The Aeneid (Virgil) and The Oresteia (Aeschylus).
You didn't need to be so nervous, you did very well.
I know, Skellig is such a beautiful song. I love all Loreena Mckennitt songs, they're so peaceful. And it's amazing for writing, it gives me the right environment.

bj *

Joana Machado said...

Oh, don't feel sad.
Things will be better, whatever it is.

bjks *

Sylvia said...

i love you

Anaa said...

é normal sentires-te assim.
Eu também me tenho andado a sentir triste, mas com o tempo melhoro, ou pioro.
ISto são fases, e tudo se vai resolver, a serio que vai. Não desesperes, e tem muita calma, tempos melhores virão.

Obrigado pelo video *.*
O teu sotaque, tanto ingles como portugues, é mesmo bonito.

Anaa said...

nao sei se isto respondeu, espero que sim. O meu computador passou-se a meio do comentario.

Estava a dizer que o teu sotaque era mesmo giro.
Apesar de eu entender tudo o que tu escreves em ingles, não consigo entender bem quando falas porque tens mesmo o sotaque britânico.
Quanto ao portugues, está muito bom, parabens

Anaa said...

oh, claro que vais continuar assim. ~`E verão, está calor e a energia é positiva.
Quando tens férias?

Oh, nao tens que ter vergonha, falaste muito bem portugues

Joana Machado said...

No doubt, you'll feel better. Time cures everything.
Yeah, it happens with me too. Her songs have such a power, it's amazing.
I love it too. It's fantastic but the exams are such a headache. We have to study alls the books and know the historical context. It's a lot to know.
I hope I'll do fine tomorrow in the exam.

bjks *

Anon said...

Ask and you shall receive :). I'm one of those 'strange new visitors' from around the world so I'll leave a comment behind.

I noticed you have a few posts where you dwell into your feelings. In a way, it's good that you outlet your (negative) emotions and release them. And I know there's much more of them to be found within you. Everyone has their dark-side. It's nothing particularly special.

But you can have whatever you want in your mind... so why not have peace. It's your choice anyways.

Lastly, I'll leave behind a little phrase I wrote a while ago:

life sucked on monday,
life's great today,
nothing changed,
go figure.

Cheers from across the world. Take care.
PS. Thanks for teaching me something.

Ana said...

Hello Anon.. :)
i really wish you had a blog so i could post there, i mean i dont knwo if you'll come back to check if ive replied to this but hey..why not give it a try!
haha thanks, i do have peace within me too..usually when somthing amazing and postive happens to me, i get so lost in the moment that i never blog about it later, wheres when something negative happens, i tend to dwell on the situation so much that i have to write it all down to feel better! LOL but trust me i have peace within me.. it just comes out more spontaneously. :D
your little phrase, is really good and so very true.. xD
thank you for leaving the comment behind, i love little surprises from across the world..
andd lastly..i would love to know what i taught you!?!??? lol


Anon said...


Yeah why not give it a try. You never know right. But unfortunately I don't blog so you wouldn't be able to post there.
(I also don't tweet, I don't myspace, I don't facebook, I don't use a cell, I don't smoke, and I don't make good jokes. But before you say I'm a caveman, I do use a 'regular' telephone, email & MSN, so I'm not completely living in the Stone Ages and I did replace the rectangular stone wheels on my car 3 years ago with circular tires. So there :P ).

Different people deal with things in different ways, and there's positive and negative in everyone. Sometimes its just easy to lose sight of that. And you also have a choice with what you energize.

What I learned... It's not something I'd like to post publicly, so you'd have to find me elsewhere.

And as usual, take care A.

Ana said...

Haha :)
so i guess your a guy (Caveman an all), and are over the age limit of 16 if your able to have a car to drive! :) see i've found something out about you! :P

yeh everyone does..i just dwell, write it down and feel better.. as i once read somewhere..;;

My mind races so fast it’s hard to keep up with it, so I’ve found a way of filtering out some of the mess in my head. It goes down my neck, across my shoulders, down my arms and out my fingertips, into the ink, and then it stains the paper and I can burn it and it’s gone

after i write it down i tend not to think about it so much! :)
aw man, how am i supposed to find ya! lool

Anon said...

It's funny you put that quote in there. When I write, I kind of do the same thing in a totally different way. I'll explain later and ask you a question about the quote.

Here, my new temporary spam-welcoming MSN/email. Send me a quick message, I'll write back probably next weekend, unless you catch me online earlier at some point.

PS. Try not to make too many guesses ;)

Ana said...

LOL in what way? is the question something to do with the quote being famous..cause yes it was once said by Heath Ledger. :)

i have msn/hotmail but hardly use it, there would be no point in adding it..i mostly use this to communicate with friends, but thanks i have it in case i log in one day to chat.

your a guy, over 16, from the USA or Canada?, the rest is a mystery..even weirder, you dont give your name out or nothing! :/ but im pretty sure i dont know you in my every days life! :)

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