Thursday, 10 March 2011

A ramble, and a shopping ban.

Hellooo, So today i have been to the doctors as my foot has been hurting me for a while, and i've noticed a smallish bump on my right foot on the right side, Well acording to my doctor i have a ganglion. I have to make it soft by applying cotton wall to it and tapeing it down over the bump or getting cotton wall and placing it in my shoes. If in a month it has not cleared up, surgery it is. :| great, they remove the skin over it and then get rid of the actual ganglion and then sitch the skin back up! I'm soooo scared of that, Help?!
I'm not on my way to an appointment in Wood Green and after that, i will be left with all the shops, i have to try my best to not waste money in any of them, as i have to save for summer and also my little sister's birthday next week. Besides i spend way too much on beauty related products so its time for a ban. For lent this year im giving up shopping for unnessary things, i am afarid i will proberbly go into WHSmith and buy some storage bits and bobs.. :( once again Help!?
Anyways, this post is a small catch up and a little ramble, i was also messing around with my camera today, trying new lighting.. wana see the pictures?

What have you lovely ladies been up to on this windy morning?!


Anna said...

Hehe you're like me, I spend my money on pointless things ALL the time! <3

..R May A.. said...

great post :)
thanks for sharing!! x

JenKissesApples said...

new follower! infact i'm your 100th follower yay! congratulations! love you blog a lot xxxx

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