Thursday, 24 March 2011

The Past Weekend.

Hello, my dears, I know it's been ages..almost a week to be exact and that is terrible. I really need a kick up the butt to make sure I do some more posts, even if they are scheduled for a later time, at least they get done. I'm sorry. Over the past weekend it was my Middle sister's Sylvia's birthday and she turnt 17. The big 1-7, as in..I'm almost a full adult, my last year of being a "non adult" as she put it.
So Friday, the 18th was her birthday and I spent it at work and she spent it at college with mates, I then also spent some time in the emergency room but that's a whole different post to do with my little sister,Monica who got her hand crushed at school. :( In the evening we watched comic relief and chillaxed.
Saturday was her day, where she hanged out with her friends in Nandos and went ice-skating, Finally Sunday was the family party, where we all went over to Danny's house and ate the cake,, (that our daddy made, i may add) chilled a bit and she finally got my gift to her, a new Notebook HP Laptop. :)
The pictures you are about to see, are from that day!! :)

Picture 1: The cake, that daddy made for her. :)
Picture 2: An embarrassed Sylvia while we sing happy birthday to her.
Picture 3: Daddy and Sylvia cuddles part one.
Picture 4: Daddy and Sylvia cuddles part two.
Picture 5: Family snap, and Danny can not focus my camera at all.
Picture 6: Family snap two.
Picture 7: I gave up and asked for the camera back.
Picture 8: A nice focused photo taken by Monica, haha at Sylvia.
Picture 9: Birthday girl, cutting the cake.
Picture 10: Greedy daddy with the first slice.
Picture 11: Daddy had to help cut the cake in the end, Sylvia wasn't good at it.

Sorry for the picture overload!
Are you guys having a nice week so far?


River said...

You bought your sister a laptop for her birthday?

wow, you must be the best sister ever!

Amiee Whitney said...

Awww cute photos! :D

Hayley said...

Yaaaay was so happy when I saw you had blogged sweetie pie!! <3 OMG that cake your daddy made is amazing looksso yummy, and such lovely lovely pictures of you all.
Hope Sylvia had good birthday and hope Monica hand is better now babes

Mariel Torres said...

i love the pictures with dad... aren't dads the best?

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