Thursday, 31 March 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday. 3.

Hello there gorgeous readers,
Are you ready for a  Awkward and Awesome Thursday!
I am, so..lets begin.

- Being told off for not having an activity out for the afternoon children, while the rest of the other children slept, "Urm, Miss Boss lady, they cant make too much noise with an activity, after all, there are over 30 other children sleeping in the premises.." D'oh.
- Running out of black ink for the printer, cant print any cute pictures of Bella, Grr.
- Trying to secretly log a work member out of facebook, from the actual work computer when in walks a parent ready for a chit chat with me, WOW.
- Going all the way to Tesco's to have a look at the doggie treats to buy Bella, when 3 minutes into the shop, Danny realises he has left his Mac Book in the back seat of the car, in full eye sight of the thieves of London. running back to the car as quick as..looking like thieves ourselves.
- Me and Danny wearing matching Portugal coats to Tesco's and Sylvia saying we look like a couple that goes jogging together.. urm GREAT :|
- Having to pay £2 for a birthday card, that should have been brought by someone who was just LAZY!
- Having my nails done in the salon, when this chavvy family were there, top it all off, my kid sister knows them:/ depressive stuff.
- Bella understands "Give me Hand" instead of "Give me Paw"..WHY? Danny's mum didn't know how to say "PAW" when teaching her it, so said Hand. Aww shucks.
- My Credit and Debit card bills..!! AWKWARDDD!

- Not having to go work tomorrow, only having to attend a training thing, woop dee doo...! Early finish for me.
- Its nearly the weekend, and I'm staying at Danny's with Bella. ♥
- Literally leaving the work place at 5 without caring or giving 2silly shits.
- Getting my nails done, even though I know I haven't got the money for it. :( ops.
- Having a lovely fruit salad from "Boots".. yummy.
- Making a fact file about puppies and dogs and actually reading it.
-Also having Sylvia help me make it.
- Receiving Bella's free pet insurance! :D

Whats your Awkward and Awesome Highlights..?


kiran said...

hahah i'm ALWAYS leaving valuable stuff in plain site in the car and then frantically running back to hide it, whoops!

Joanne said...

Wow, she is so cute! ^-^
Well, the song is the soundtrack of a japanese movie. The movie is called Akai Ito and you can hear this version of the song here:
Anyway, this is just the piano version. The actual song is called 366 Nichi and the name of the band that sings it is HY.

Joanne said...

You're welcome ^-^

..R May A.. said...

I really love these posts - they alwys make me laugh :)
Bella sounds completely adorable!! x

Joanne said...

I just wanted to let you know that I tagged you ^-^

Take care and have a nice day!

Anna said...

She's so gorgeous im jelous :) haha, give me hand :D love it! You're quite gorgeous yourself too ;) <3

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