Friday, 18 March 2011

First Feature Post: Awkward & Awesome Thursday. 1.

HeyHooo. So recently I have been having writers block or in other words, lack of inspiration for posting. I am sorry for that, but I also realised that I don't have any features on my blog, which is a good thing and a bad thing. For one I don't have to make sure I post a certain post on a certain day, but on the other hand it would be great if when I did feel like this, you know with the writers block, if I had a little feature post to do, then I might have something to help fill the void. So I have decided to start my features on Thursdays! It shall be called.. AWKWARD AND AWESOME THURSDAY. I got this little idea from a blog I adore, The Daybook. The lovely Sydney writes there, if you haven't checked her out I seriously suggest you do. Anyways, on to the post, it's pretty simple really..

- The huge spot on the back of my head, which is making it painful to lie down, tie my hair up or even brush my hair, Grr, with all due respect Mr Spot, please bugger off.
-The fake "Hi Emma" to my boss at work, didn't want to say hello, but felt awkward because she was starting to moan already, thought it was quite smart on my part to divert attention away from moans.
-Boyfriend and Father in front room, doing some male bonding, (this I like..) however the male bonding over football is driving me insane. In fact Football on the whole, kindly disappear for a while, my Boyfriend ain't the same since you've been here.
- The moment you take something off a child, and she starts to scream the building down, just as mum walks forward a lot of explaining the situation before mum thinks otherwise.
- Your boss telling you about the new lock and that it should be used properly, and you say that, your thinking of locking work mates in there as a joke, thinking she will see the funny side, cue.. no laughing or amusement, in fact more moans directed at me for even thinking such a thing! :/
- Biting your nails too far low that now its sore, stupid temptation. In fact, biting your nails FULL STOP.
- Buying flowers in the shop for your little sister and the checkout man grabbing them, smiling at you and saying "Thanks their really nice, you shouldn't have.." "Urmm.. PARDON?!" that's all I came out with.
- Going to buy bits for the time of the month, and buying the wrong size, commence going back a few hours later and being served by the same person again..she must be thinking " urm wow, you must have a heavy flow..".

- The Boyfriend on his way home, sweeping me off my feet and putting me in the car and going for a little drive with me anywhere, I had no shoeies on or anything, I love when he's like this.
- The football match I had with the kiddies at work today, pure excitement to try and get the ball away from me, an adult, who is clearly stronger and faster then all of them, the result.. I had about 94% possession of the ball.
-Getting money out of the bank because you think you owe your dad and then when you go to give it to him, he says's "no, that was for you remember", whoop more monies for me.
-The fact it's little sisters birthday, right now, as its passed midnight, Happy Birthday Sylvia, I love you X.
-The father turning around to me and saying, "If I didn't have you girls to look after, I would go down to Japan and help them do all the rebuilding and stuff..", I didn't know father was so touched by world disasters like the Japan one.
-Finishing work 5 minutes early. Whoop, go me.

Have you got any awkward and awesome things?
If you guys decide to do this, post your link below, so I can have a read..


Joanne said...

I love these new feature posts! :)
It's like a brief description of your week. ^^

Joanne said...

You're welcome! I really enjoy reading your blog. From now on I'll be alert every single Thursday in order to read this posts! ^^

..R May A.. said...

lol loving these personal updates :)
male bonding voer football is so tiresome! I'm fed up of football always being on :p

Anna said...

Yeah it was amazing! Can't wait to move there! Your job sounds so fun :) <3

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