Thursday, 24 March 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday. 2.

 Hey Hey mii dears, Guess what day it is?! That's right know what that means right? It's time for another round of Awkward and Awesome!! :)
(I'm going to try really hard to stick to this feature..)
Dont' forget where I first saw this idea, and thought it was good,  The lovely Sydney at The Daybook. Check her out.
So lets get started straight away..

-The fact I have needed to do a wee all day today, not just one, as if I've been holding it in all day..oh no, but as soon as I step out the house, I give it, 10 minutes before I need a bathroom again. Grr.
- Dropping all my cookies out of my locker at work and having crumbs everywhere, How can I cover it up? Flick the crumbs on the floor and blame the other staff.
- Going to the shops with my little sister Monica and trying on prom dresses just for the fun of it, actually loving the prom dresses and taking pictures, only for my camera NOT to save them, D'oh.
- Seeing the daughter of the boss in the shops doorway and completely ignoring her as if the shop was so packed I couldn't spot her out, from the 2 people in the doorway.
- Being embarrassed to try on any shoes, in any shop, due to the Ganglion on my foot and my paranoia of how BIG it must look to everyone else.
- Going to loads of different shops, picking stuff up to buy and then remembering I need to save, save and save more..for a car, for the holiday, and for summer! oh great. Shopping with no money, is so depressive.
-Failing an inspection at work and having to stay behind for an extra 2 hours to do more training to "better myself". urgh.
- The word "AWKWARD", I keep miss spelling it, argh, driving me insane.

- Having a half day off work, basically finishing at midday and knowing tomorrow when I go in, I wont see the boss, as she's gone away.
- Being able to spend the whole afternoon with my kid sister and having her talk about boys for about half hour non stop. Wow that chick, can talk.
- Enjoying my seafood medley when I got in from all our window shopping.
-Watching Heath Ledger films again, "10 things I hate about you" has been on 3 times so far.
-The weather, the sun has come out to play, and I am so excited, Spring is finally here, I can't wait for the time change and then it will be complete.
- Getting paid this Monday, although that means having to suffer the whole weekend with no money. Boo.
- Having completed quite a few projects the boss wanted me to at work. Yay me.
- My little key child coming back from Poland on Monday, Yess, Kaleve i have missed you. ♥
- Going shopping for the WHOLE afternoon and spending less then a tenner while out. :)
- Trying on prom dresses with my little sister, plus going into every single shop we liked and trying clothes on then saying "Nope, it's not quite right, I'll leave it thanks" and walking out feeling like a Gangsta..!!
- Going Mothercare and choosing baby stuff with my kid sister for our future babies.. haha.
- Urm, One day till the weekend?! Wooop.

As you can see, the Awesome overwrite the Awkward this week, oh yeah.. What a good day!
Whats your Awesome and Awkwards?!

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I love this game :)

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