Friday, 4 March 2011

Goodbye February & Hello March.

Hello Dears, now that the month of March is finally upon us, I was expecting a little change in the weather. I wont say I was expecting sunshine throughout the whole day, or the type of weather where people can have water fights, but I wasn't expecting to have to wear my gloves out every morning and evening to and from work. I seriously can not wait for a little spring to come for us. I personally need the sun, it makes me happy, makes my skin look healthier and fresher, makes you more excited to face the day and helps with life's biggest challenge of all. The process of getting out of bed in the morning. I have to be awake between the hours of 6:30am - 7:30am, and most mornings, its grey, cloudy, dull and lifeless outside, not to mention freezingg. It's no wonder I love the snooze button on my phone, I press it practically every morning. With weather and a sight like that, nobody wants to be getting out of the bed. Getting up is one of life's hardest tasks, so why make it even harder?!
The point of this point, is I can not wait for a little sunshine to come out from behind all that grey. It wont make getting out of bed early feel amazing or nothing, but the sun shining into the bedroom has that certain feeling that makes you want to get up and greet the day with a little smile on your come on, Spring and Summer.. Please hurry, we're dying over here because we miss you so much!! :)
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Image [via]

Me in Madeira Summer 2010.

Are you missing the sunshine as much as me?!


Jasmin said...

definitely ready for summer now! i keep finding myself staring wistfully at my flip flops and bikinis! x

V said...

You are simply gorge honey! Love it. and amen we have sun in the Bay and it is amazing I am soaking it all up!

Anna said...

DEFINITELY missing the sunshine! You look gorgeous, and although it is pretty sunny lately, it's still really reallyyy cold :(( <3

Joanne said...

Aww, I just miss Spring so much! I like Summer but I'm not that crazy about it. But Spring is like my ideal time of the year! *-*
Thanks, you should really try it. It's really an amazing experience! :)

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