Tuesday, 8 March 2011

February Favourites.

Hey, trying to do this post while me and Danny have the Barcelona vs Arsenal game going on in the background! All i can say is, Barcelona have won and Van Persie should NOT have had that red card. On to my gorgeous post.

My February Favourites!
(I realise this is a teeny bit late, but better late then NEVER?! Right?)

  • Charlie Chic Body Spray. I love the smell of this and it costs next to nothing.
  • LUSH products. From bath bombs to bubble bars, im obsessed.
  • Maybelline - The Eraser. Used this all through February and now we're in March i have officially finished it. I have quite greasy skin and although this is a great foundation because it gives me great coverage, it isnt matte, therefore half way through the day, the shine would appear again.
  • MUA Lipstick shade 11. I have been wearing this lipstick to work everyday, it's one of them shades thats very wearable on a day to day basis.
  • 17 Blusher - First Kiss. This is the perfect colour for rosy cheeks.
  • Collection 2000 Exterme mascara in Black. The wand to this brush is very good for my eyelashes, i dont have amazing eyelashes to begin with, but i have found that this mascara makes it look like i have much thicker and fuller eyelashes then i actually do. I like this mascara soo much better then my January favourite one.
  • My red Gloves from Primark. It was so cold all throughout February and if your like me, and have to wake up at the crack of dawn for work and only finish late into the evening when its the coldest part of the days, then you will understand my Febraury favourites of GLOVES. I love mine.
  • Patrick Swayze's autobiography. I read this book in a total of 2 days, Danny couldn't believe it, but once i got into it, it was very hard to put down, it's such a great read on his life and his family including his lovely wife. If your a fan of him or his work i would recommend this book, was great to find out little things about my favourite ever film "Dirty Dancing" and another great one by him "Ghost". Psst, did you know Patrick wanted to be a ballet dancer and not an actor, it was kind of a last resort thing because of his knee?! ya see, go pick it up and read. Excellent.
What have you guys been loving and hating in the month of February?!

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