Thursday, 2 July 2009

The Pointless Blog

Olaaaa Boa noite.
I have so much to tell you, oh no wait...i have nothing. seriously Fuck all has happened recently. I'm rather depressed, that this may be my life from now on...! humph. sooo Joanne is pregnant..and i knew about it for a while but now the world can know too!! :P haha..shes gonna have her second baby! :) I'm so excited and i really wanna see her through this pregnancy a lot more then i did through her first one! :P which should be easy since i never saw her once through the first. What else is there..hmm..umm..oh yeah work is going to drag this next week.. i can tell..GREAT. I'm actually not looking forward to it at all. PFT. um..Tom's blog should be coming this week, I'm so excited for this and yet have seen nothing..! i do wish he would hurry up. Also cherrytreerecords say they have a video to upload tonight at midnight (my time) of tom, i wonder what it will be about, for some reason i just picture him there with his cornrows saying.."yes I'm going to be blogging soon!". i really hope not, because we kinda already know that, tell us something useful. :) Today i lost £10 in the shop while i was buying cakes for the nursery, i was not impressed to go back to the spot where i think i dropped it and find an old lady on her hands and knees picking something up..ARGH why me?
lately i have been losing everything.. my mobile, my anklet that was made specially for me, my silver bracelet..which i later found, my sunglasses..which i later found.., my "Che" badge! i need to start focusing on things happening around me, otherwise I'm gonna lose everything. its so annoying!
finally, i have done so much shopping lately and have not uploaded any pics, Ive got so many new tops, its disgraceful..Ive been buying on eBay so i got badges, and I'm still waiting on an old classic book! :) urgh life at the moment is so pointless to blog about, i don't even know..! the heat here has been killing me, its so hott and i like it but its also too hott.. and i hate it! :P I'm never satisfied! haaa this whole Michael Jackson not being here any more is really rather saddening. i remembered the name of the film i saw of his when i was smaller, its called "Moonwalker" and when i was little i thought it was amazing, i watched it yesterday with the girls and even though it looks so fake its proper funny to watch and i lovee it.. its saved as a favourite on my youtube. lool. after watching it, me and Sylvia made a tribute to the "King Of Pop" haha
watch it and enjoy;; (Sorry for the quality of image AGAIN, its the laptop camera..)

Right all that's left to say is..;

Goodnight SKIPPER

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*IzzY_MeL* said...

Que video engraçado :D muito alegre!

Tambem quero ver o que vai ser o blog do Tom :P

Se continuares a perder coisas é uma desculpa para poder comprar mais ehehe ;)


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