Thursday, 16 July 2009

JonBenét Ramsey

Hey so I'm a little downhearted. Yesterday morning i woke up and started getting ready for work and the TV on in the background was playing a film.. called "Perfect Town, Perfect Murder". while getting ready i watched this film and it was a true life film..i think these types of films are amazing..there so dramatic and perfect for viewing. Well i really got into the story and i then i went online and looked up some more stuff about it and now I'm really into the story! its based on a little girl called JonBenet Ramsey..have you heard of her. She was a beautiful little girl who went missing on Christmas day in the year of 1996 and was found less then 8 hours later in her own home's basement. Mostly the story of her death became so widely known and publicly known, because of the length of the case and because her parents were suspects in her death for many years to come after.
Check out her wikipedia for more information on the whole case and story..its amazingly sad, and leaves you believing all sorts of things! :/

JonBenet Ramsey

she was a beauty pageant winner and you could see why! so pretty, but maybe a bit to much for such a young age, she was only 6 years old! :/

Shocked and Saddened

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Anaa said...

a menina é tão bonita.

Quando é que tens férias para vires a Portugal? Já não vens cá há imenso tempo e tens trabalhado imenso, nem tens tido tempo para ti...

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