Sunday, 12 July 2009

New Hair

I got a new hairstyle, BUT i don't like it much!! its too blonde and i just don't like it, it don't suit me..i spent £65 sooo, ima have it like this for like 4 weeks and then I'm going to dye it dark again!! :/ soo not happy with it!! took one picture, and you cant see the full blonde-ness init..i will take more, but for now, I'm too disgusted with it..!
here it is for you to looky! :P

That's all


Anaa said...

também mudei o meu cabelo hoje.
Fiz uma desfrizagem ( o meu cabelo é encaracolado, por isso pus um produto e ele ficou liso.) espero que fiquei assim, mais ou menos liso, durante uns bons meses.
depois pode ser que ponha uma foto no hi5.

pois eu tambem nao estou contente com a mudança de clube do cristiano. Tamem sou do manchester :D

Peyton said...

aww it's not bad!!!! :) but its different from the bottom. NEVER TRUST HAIRDRESSERS! :)

Joana Machado said...

Aww, I'm not a huge fan of blonde hair, but actually I like see it on you. It's not all hair, but just a little bit.
As soon as you notice, your hair will be dark again. That's why I don't dye my hair, I'm too afraid of not liking it.


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