Sunday, 17 October 2010

Christmas List!

Hellloo gorgeous readers,
all how has your weekend been? Mine has been a typical weekend of sorts, I've been with the boyfriend, Done my weekly shop and had my driving lesson..i guess the biggest thing that was out of the ordinary to happen to me this weekend, was having a new instructor. Instead of the lovely David, i now have the direct speaking Harry. I'm not gonna lie, i miss David big time, but I'm hoping with Harry i can pass my test first time round and hopefully by February. So that'sthat's new with me, what about you guys whats new with all of you?
There's about 69 days till Christmas and I'm already planning on what i want, truth be told though..I'm broke and after adding up all my calculations for what I'm getting friends and family, and paying the bills, I'm left with hardly any money to treat myself. :( sad times, but we'll see how much i can afford.
So for the Christmas list..

A pair of skinny light blue jeans size 8..hopefully from Topshop.

An Aviator jacket, Brown and cream..warm looking for sure! :)

I also want some new knitwear that maybe i can wear over skinny jeans! :) such as jumpers, all warm and cosy, I just haven't been able to find anything that i seriously want! :)
What do you guys have on your Christmas list for this year so far?
Lastly here's a picture of me and the boyfriend, chilling at his house, while i wrote this post and he watched the football.

Sorry for the terrible image quality, my web cam from my laptop is just SHHIT to be honest!


Sunny & Star said...

Love the avaitor jacket you have posted.

I haven't started on my Christmas list but it's definitely time I start thinking about it.


cant believe there is only 68 more days till Winter... 68 more days sounds faster than 2 more months for some reason! and cute blog

Zabrinah said...

The picture of you and your BF is sooooo cute! I love it!

And I love those TopShop skinny jeans. I want a pair too! They're gorgeous jeans.


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