Sunday, 3 October 2010

A quick note

Hello Lovely ladies,
I'm at my boyfriends house at the moment, and i have had a very busy week which would explain why the blog stayed UN-updated. I also have another busy week coming up, with me dreading the Wednesday and the Friday. I shall explain more as the days draw in closer, but for now..just know i don't want them to happen! :( Anyways because of this busy week ahead, it will again be less posts then normal, and i do apologise..but stick with me my lovely followers! :)
how have you all been by the way? I've noticed I've got some more followers, so i just wanna say a huge HELLOOO *waves* :) Also to let you all know that i am trying to fix up this blog at the moment, its taking longer then i first thought but again bear with me. thanks! I've already started with the blog banner..what do you all think of it? Anyways just a quick post to let you know i haven't disappeared and I'm still thinking of my fellow bloggers!! :)


Gabriela a.k.a. Naiano said...

thank you for your sweet comment you left on my blog!
great inspiration i find here! amazing pics!

check out my new posts! you`ll love`em!

ShoppingAddict said...

Hurry back soon hun.xx

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