Saturday, 23 October 2010

Tattoos & Food Poisining

Hello, its been a lovely Saturday and i have been at home all day sleeping. OMG so i didn't have work yesterday as i had to go to the hospital with the boyfriends dad, that was OK and afterwards i finally hung out with fabz in wood green. I ate MacDonald's and a Slurpee, yeah bad idea. I've gone and got food poisoning!! :'( spent all of Friday night vomiting, and to make matters worse i was staying at Danny's so i vomited in his house from 10pm till about 3am. He kept having to go to the bin and empty the bags of sick and bring me new ones. Although what this little drama has actually done for me, is made me realise how amazing my boyfriend really is, down on his hands and knees cleaning all the sick off the floor with a towel. That's true lovee..! ♥ I've been eating grapes, bananas, and water all day, i also tried some rice! :/ I'm hungry but scared that whatever i eat wont stay down..!
Rightt on to the reason for this post, I really want another tattoo..! I have 2 and I've been thinking about getting another one, i always had it in mind and it was going to be a quote to do with my "mother" but i have decided that may not be the best idea and so i still want a quote tattoo, but i have to think about where on my body i want one and what i want it to say!
I already have 2 tattoos, and here they are

Made in Portugal, on my foot!! :)
Bad quality, sorry, old camera

The three hearts tied to one small heart bow. :)

But i want one more and a quote one.. here's some inspiration that i found on weheartit.

I just have no clue where and what to get, I'll keep you updated with the process, of deciding lol.

Have any of you got tattoos? if so where?

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Jessica said...

Your tattoos are really pretty :) I've been wanting a quote tattoo for a whi;e, I know what quote I want, what font etc, just not sure on the placement either :/
The last photo's nice though, not sure if I'm brave enough to get one there haha


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