Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Book Review

Hello lovelies,
Bit of a different post for you today.. Book review..!
So as some of you are aware i got very sick on Friday evening and therefore Saturday was spent in bed, sleeping and reading. I found an old favourite book of mine called "A Perfect Match" by Sinead Moriarty and today is Tuesday and i have already finished it.

In brief, The book centers itself around a couple Emma and James Hamilton and their struggle to adopt a baby. It starts off explaining how hard the couple had been trying for 2 years to have a natural pregnancy and when that did not work, including using IVF and doing lots of tests and drugs, the couple have decided that now is the time to adopt. This book is a follow on from the best selling "A Baby Trail". I haven't actually read this but I'm going to be buying a copy come payday. This book however is the journey the couple have from start to finish about adoption, the fact that you have Emma's brother Sean and her sister Babs in the background causing all kinds of havoc with the stuff going on in their lives. As well as Emma's best friend Lucy who is marrying James's best friend Donal, all together there is more then one story but the book focuses mainly on the couple. I found it to be an easy read, kinda like a breath of fresh air, i found myself finishing one chapter and thinking why stop here? lets carry on to the next chapter. My favourite character has to be Emma, the main one. The story is told through her eyes and i just love her attitude to most things i love the way she gets over excited about things and they way she over exaggerates and panics, it all adds to the humor the book brings, i sometimes found myself having little giggles in between pages, there are some very funny lines and sections in this book as well as real life events you could actually picture happening on your road with the people you know all to well. I can safely say the book at the end had a little twist and if your one like me, i recommend you do not open the last page of the book and read it, quiet a bit is given away in that one page. This is a book i recommend to anyone who fancies some light reading and a little humor, also if your a true reader and love a good book, I'd say this is the one!! :) giving this one the thumbs uppp!
If you would like a preview of the book, why not read chapter one and see if you like it, if so then you know what you have to do..

What have you read lately?


Sunny & Star said...

I absolutely need to find more time to read. I love reading a good book but it seems like I am never at home and after I do get home from work I am so exhausted. :-( Maybe with the holidays coming up I can read a few good books since I have some time off of work.

Anything but Bland said...

sounds like a great read!

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