Monday, 11 October 2010

A Little Snippet & I'm Back

Hello Dears,
First off, if you stuck we with me thank you, i am now back and can get back to normal blogging, semi normal! LOL i had a very busy 2 weeks, where in which i had to go to court for some stuff, and i also had my theory test, which if your asking, i PASSED!! :) *Funky dancing* anyways back to blogging, i have done some shopping and cant wait to test out all the products to then review them!! SOOO whats been going on with all of you while i have been gone?! For me, apart from life becoming pretty hectic and i still have 3 more things I'm not looking forward to this month.
1. Hospital appointment.
2. Council coming round to fix house,
3. Paying the fine..(Dad has to give me the money)
I actually can not wait for October to just go away, this month has been non stop madness..!
then next month its about saving for Xmas and the following month its Christmas and then new year and finally January in which i have my baby boy's birthday and we start saving money for our future! :))
Hasn't 2010 gone by so fast..? this yer sort of whizzed by, i quiet like that! :)
so any new gossip for me..??
and once again thank you for sticking with me, i will now resume the blog!!

1 comment:

Natalie Suarez said...

awww so fast! that sucks!

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