Thursday, 24 June 2010

Movie Night With the Sisters!

so I've just finished watch ROCKY II with my sisters, and i have to say I'm a very big fan of the ROCKY films, having watched most of them as a small child and not quiet understanding all the things behind the fighting i have to say, watching them now, they are one of the greatest collection of movies. It was so nice to See Sylvia and Monica both getting so excited and hearing them scream at the TV for Rocky to get up and knock the guy out. haha.

If you haven't already seen the ROCKY films, i suggest you try one and see if you enjoy it! I LOVEE movie nights with my sisters, we always eat too much junk food, and have the lights off and sound really high.. and we always seem to choose amazing movies to watch.. What films do you enjoy watching and with who?? :)

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