Thursday, 24 June 2010

Scrunch Bag & Leotard

Hey blog,..
i had a lovely morning off yesterday so i went down to Wood Green with my little sister, and i decided to do some shopping. In all fairness i didn't buy much, i looked around Primark, but i think at the moment the clothes it's selling ain't all that great, and unless i can find something i totally fall in love with, I'm not buying it. They did have a nice Clutch bag that i may have to go back for. Mostly i brought pumps :) black for work and white for everyday useage, i also brought some other nice white shoes, from Primark, i guess I'll blog about them soon. I did however find a lovely side scrunch bag. I've been meaning to buy one of these for a while, and i guess i was just trying to find one that i thought didn't look like such an odd shape and now i think i have found it. :)

While slightly open, it looks like this,..

When tightly Scrunchy Closed,..

I then went on to buy a leotard top, these are becoming quiet popular and I've seen a few in different shops, i kinda love this one..the Blue matches well with a high waisted skirt i have that i plan to wear with it. I wasn't too sure about the whole "Lace" pattern, meaning everyone could see my belly..but once i wore it out i actually liked it.


Covers the breast are, but also shows off a little skin too.

And finally.. my daddy went to a Portuguese cafe today to buy some Cod Fish..(which we're having tomorrow, YUMMY) and while he was there, he brought me a "Maria" magazine.. ♥ Really happy with this, i love these magazines and their very hard to find unless you know where to go.. so Thank You Daddy! :)


urm, Good day,.. weather has been beautiful and i have a job change coming soon..but for now i guess I'll go to sleep..gotta be up early! :D
Good night Blogger..

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