Saturday, 26 June 2010


im at Danny´s at the moment, and he´s on the phone at the moment, trying to make an insurance claim because last night when we went out for our Friday date, we were involved in a car crash. We were parked perfectly still at the traffic lights in Finsbury Park when from behind us a car pulled up and crashed into us. Its was a loud crash and i swear i was proper scared. Danny got out, took pictures and started talking tot he guy, the guy was saying he was from Brazil and Danny said he was going to have to call the police to come, the Brazilian guy told Danny not to and that he would pay there was no need to involve the police, but Danny was insistent, and well the Brazilian guy then said lets pull over out of the middle of the road as we are causing to much traffic. Danny got in the car, and pulled over, the other guy got in the car, and drove off..running a red light and then turning off up to Higbury. We couldn't believe he had just left the scene of the crash and we called the police and reported it and then went to Tottenham police station and reported there, filled in some long form and then finally it was done. Now we have to wait while they investigate, hope he gets caught..silly twit.

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