Thursday, 24 June 2010

Hot Weather

Today has been a nice day.. hot in parts but cooler in others, i wore my maxi dress, which if I'm being honest i got out of the second i walked through the door.. it felt, a little uncomfortable especially under the armpits, a little tight. Next time buy a bigger size..i also don't like the length of it so it was OK to wear to work, but i couldn't wait to get in, take it off and get into my shorts and vest! ;)
Daddy is making some Cod Fish for us, and it's so hot everywhere even with windows open, that's the problem with England i think, even when it's warm or hot there's just no breeze. So it just feels like dry air. Not much happened today after work i went superdrug and brought more shampoo, conditioner and face wipes, i also re brought a mascara as mine has finished and it's literally just dry in there and then i asked my friend Bronwen to help me find a good razor and shaving cream for sensitive skin. She recommend i buy VENUS razor and cream, and so i have. Once i have tried it i will blog and let everyone know how it works and feels!
I'm now watching the Japan - Denmark World cup game on BBC One, and surprisingly to me Japan are winning. haha and that is all for now!


Sylvia said...

anas back to blogging
(my original inspiration for my blogg)
heheh cant wait for the foodies XD im getting hungry ust thinking bout itt
love yur new blogg hunnyyy poo and ima re tweet the link so people follow yur sexy ass <3

Ana Cristina said...

thank you unny bear!!! :) x

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