Saturday, 30 May 2009

Diversity WONNN & Summer Fun.

Pictures From Today;;

The Yummy Cake For Monica That Daddy Made.

Cake = Yummmm.

Shannon And Moi In The Park During The Tanning Session.

Sylvia And Shannon - Check Out Sylvia's Weird Hair Piece, Haha.

Shannon And Monica, They Finally Got It Right.

Sylvia, Me And Shannon Tanning.

Doing The Peace Sign Is Not A Trend, It's A Way Of Life.

Monica And Shannon Peace Posing.

Sylvia's Ass is SOOO Comfortable To Just Stand On.

The SHORTEST and GEEKIEST video ever made..
Us saying hello in different languages.
Sylvia - German.
Shannon - Italian.
Monica - French.
Ana - (i have no idea, it's a mixture of Cockney English and Australian). :)

That is All My Lovers..BUT before i go, tonight was Britain's Got Talent.. and DIVERSITY won!! :D so happy they did it, they are amazing...!


It's a FUCKING MUST WATCH & check out their other videos!!! :)

(I also Want pierre luc kiely, as my child..The little boy with the afro and glasses! Lol) :D ....



Anna said...

I got soo upset they didn't havet he Katy Perry one :( but mehh.

Also I wanted that teenage guy who was signing, forgot his name, to win, but diversity wasnt too bad XD best ouf of the top 3 hehe

That cake looks so tasty =P
&the tshirt suits youu :)


Lauren said...

Nice tee shirt. i have one too :D
& thanks for the comment. :)

Kristen Anderson™ [XaNiNHaHh*] said...

eheh happy birthday =)

I loved the clip ^^

Shann.* said...

YYYUUUMMMMMMMMMMYY Cake Mannn! :) Arghh i want even moree! lols xoxo

*IzzY_MeL* said...

Que vídeo engraçado muito multi-cultural xD

Adorei as fotos, muito divertidas!

Aquele bolo para além de fofinho parecia delicioso! yummyyy =P

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