Saturday, 30 May 2009

Today was HOTT;;

Lame posting update recently. Sorry. Been a bit busy and that. whats new with all of you??


I love Saturdays, i really doo, weather i stay in or go out..Saturdays are so peaceful and beautiful, maybe thats cause im not working. lol. so Shannon came round to sleep yesterday, and today we didnt get our way and she couldn't stay..she had to go to the party..i miss her already :( I wish she was closer by alot more of the time..! She watched "Twilight" for the first time last night and shes in love with EDWARD, like her tummy gets this special feeling every time hes near by as she keeps saying! haha, so funny the effect that film has on people. she kept staring at the poster we have of him in our room and daydreaming, it was rather amusing to watch. she also watched the "Tokio Hotel Zimmer" DVD and she loved it.. [Oh georg, every time that boy opens his mouth, something funny comes out of it... TSCHUSS HERMAN]. i woke up this morning with such a bad sore throat, i just know i gonna get ill. great. i woke up so early even though i went to bed at like 3 in the morning because i knew the council men were coming to clean the heating, and the one that came was gorgeous and called JOSH! he was soo hot, he had tattoos all down one of his arm's, and he listened to "Green Day" while he worked! :D After he had left Me, Sylvia, Monica and shan got ready and went to wood green..HmV only have 2 t-shirts left of tokio hotel! :) i also brought a pair of shorts lol :) then we bubbled around for a little bit and went to the park in wood green where some polish guys tried chatting us up. :/ then we decided to come back to our own area and tan in our local park..We did that and there was some German/polish guys playing football right near us too..not good looking in anyway, besides we were more interested in watching the other 10 boys playing football. :) we tanned for about an hour, then came home quickly and cut Monica's birthday cake.. then we took shan to Nicola's house and we came home and did some tidying up..! :D phew what a day, pictures are coming soonish.

P.S - I really want a pair of these, but they seem so hard to find in my town.urgh.

Long Length Dungaree Shorts;

Pics coming..

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Anaa said...

muito fã dos Tokio Hotel, claro :P

Eu também adoro os Sábados. Sextas e Sábados são os meus dias preferidos. Detesto os Domingos, as Segundas, as Terças e as quintas.
Mas brevemente vou sair do ballet e passar a gostar das quintas.
Ao Sábado e á sexta á tarde eu sou realmente livre.

È. Estou bastante chateada, detesto ter o fim de semana assim preenchido :/

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