Sunday, 24 May 2009

Traffic Free Day 2009

Hello All. My day yesterday in Pictures.
Welcome To London - "Traffic Free Day On Oxford Street!"

The Street was ÜBER packed.

Monica and Sylvia near the dinosaur from "Night at the Museum 2"

The Drummer was behind me ready to RAWRRRR at me! O___o

Ich, Monica und Sylvia..! ♥

Sylvia and Monica in the Park, after the ice-cream (relaxing) :)

The bags, handbag full of clothes, HMV bag full of clothes, Primark bag Ripped, could not fit all the clothes in there! :/

Sylvia and Monica home from the long day out! :D

Hunnie i'm Home!


Tokio Hotel Zimmer DVD = THE SEXX

Get The "LONDON" Look.

The new party dress and shoes..! That is love! ♥

the sexiest shoes!!

They say a picture is worth a 1000 words, well then you have plenty of words there my loves!



Kristen Anderson™ [XaNiNHaHh*] said...

eheh thank you so much *-*

I love the dress!!1


Joana Filipa said...

I'm in love with your bag and dress. Where did you bought the dress?

Anonymous said...

Yes, we have only one store in portugal, but it's in Lisbon so I can go there. Sorry to ask but how much did it cost?

Anonymous said...

whats the music name in your blog?
its so relaxing that I'm feeling really good listening to it!

Anonymous said...

é no centro comercial Dolce Vita na Amadora, Lisboa.
Só 13 libras?!!! Estou em choque. è cerca de 20 euros. É muito barato! Espero que a loja de cá tenha! Vou la ver na segunda feira

Anaa said...

OMG lindo.
Mesmo ao estilo de londres.
deixaste-me cheia de inveja, eu amo londres, isso é mesmo mágico

Ana said...

Hey Anonymous..
i wish i knew your blog! :P
haha the song i got was supposed to be in the twilight film, but then they used another one.. LOL
its called "river flows in you" by yiruma
it's beautiful. xD was supposed to be bella's lullaby by edward! :P


Anonymous said...

Oh 100£ is a lot of money.!!

I hope they have it here in Portugal, I'm in love with the dress. Oh Dolce Vitta is the newest shopping center in town =)

pinkmagique said...

OMG!!!! I need that dress!! Where is it from babes?? xxxx

pinkmagique said...

I NEED that dress..
Where from babes??

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