Sunday, 24 May 2009

Can i touch you??

I'm exhausted today, even as i write this. We woke up and weren't really sure if we wanted to leave the house, i mean the weather was nice but our beds were so comfy, and we were so tired we couldn't pull ourselves away. When we finally rolled out of bed, me and Sylvia went to watch some music videos upstairs, we left Monica still asleep. We watched them for about 30 minutes and then i got THE call. It was dad asking if we were still home, he was coming soon and wanted to bring Millie (the girlfriend) - HINT: we leave the house for a couple of hours. I told him we'd be ready in 45 minutes, then i ran to Monica, woke her up, put the straighteners on and started to make breakfast. i fixed my hair did the make up and ate as did the girls. Dad came home just as we were leaving, but there was no Millie..i didn't even ask what had happened, just grabbed my bags and headed for the door. we had to go post office first and pay some bills, and then we walked to the underground, got the train..not before we had a few words with N.LENORD! lol got off at oxford circus, and it was a non traffic day in oxford street. NO buses, NO cars, NO taxis..nothing, instead you had people walking in the middle of the roads and you had live entertainment, the theme "Night at the museum 2!" so there was dinosaurs, and people in costumes and Big plasmas with scenes from the new film..all good i enjoyed it!! :)
we waffled about for ages, taking pictures, seeing the sights, taking everything in, then we went HMV and brought "Twilight" shirts..a team Edward one and a normal twilight one. i asked the man at the counter if he had a nena CD and he said normally yeah but they weren't in stock, so we asked for a Tokio DVD and he said yeah downstairs, we ran and yep there it was the Zimmer DVD! so we got that xD also there was about 6 SCREAM CD's! lol :) next we went to "Marks and Spencer" to buy socks fr Monica, as her feet were starting to get blisters, from all the walking.. and then finally we went to "Primark"..3 hours & £100 later, we came out and walked to hyde park, we sat down eating our ice-creams and just chilled..! we relaxed for ages trying to avoid the 6 o clock trains. About 1 hour later we went back to the underground and made our way home. had pizza and watched the DVD! now everyone is sleeping but me, and im so tired that im about to hit the pillow too.. Pictures coming tomorrow. what a fun day out!

.The pierced guy at HMV and Sylvia flirting.
.Excuse me - YES - Can i please touch you?.
.The hanger man at primark.
.Police watching us eat.
.Beautiful but expensive Marks and Spencer dress.
.RAWRR to the drummer.

.The primark bag ripping.
.A huge parcel in the street = Goodie bags.
.Couples everywhere.
.Shoulder in pain from bag.
.Man coming out of the tesco toilet.
.All the weird pictures im probably in from other peoples cameras.
.Monica's jeans not fitting, and having to fix them for Sylvia.
.Monica's crying.
.The dieting and the vomited tomato.
.Dad's story AGAIN.
.Family portrait by Pink.


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