Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Nails of the Day 31012011 & January Favourites ♥

So my lovelies, another weekend down and done, and another weekend without any blogging from me. I tend to find it harder to blog over the weekend period as I'm never home, and i tend to spend most of my day with Danny enjoying the daytime and the evenings with him and friends enjoying the night life!! So I'm sorry.
Today is the last day of January therefore I've been thinking about doing a "Favourite" kinda thing at the end of every month, so for instance today's would be My January Favourites..and so on. I'm kinda excited to do this post as i never have before, it should be interesting.
First up though is a "Nails of the Day". I have to be honest, i took my acrylics off this weekend and I'm gutted that they have made my real nails flimsy. So weak and fragile and they've broken 3 of them. I'm also not impressed with how long my actual nails are after having the acrylics on for over a month. :( I know that fake nails just damage your real ones, but it still annoys me when i see the end result. URGH, when will i ever learn!
Anyways, here is the Nails of the Day (Without acrylics on).. My nails are crapp :sighs:

I used "Barry M" - 66 Matte White.

 I'm not too keen on this colour, not as much as i would have liked it, to be honest i think i prefer to see white nails on other girls rather then me. Firstly it reminds me constantly of Tippex, and secondly because its such a bright and vibrant colour it picks up any damage to your nails, which mine are suffering right now, Don't know how long i will be keeping this colour on for.

Have you tried a white nail polish before?
What was your opinion on it?

Right now moving on to the next part of this post,
My January Favourites!

First month of the year over!

"Barry M" nail Polish in Mushroom, and "Sleek" lipstick in Fuchsia.
"Batiste Dry Shampoo" in Tropical and Vitapointe Leave in Conditioner.

Aussie 3 minute miracle frizz remedy and Elvive full restore Shampoo and Conditioner.

Collection 2000 Magi-Length Mascara, Intelligent Lip gloss and Givenchy "Very Irresistible" perfume.

Whats your January favourites?
Do you use anything i do?


V said...

LOL your nails arent crap. I love the white, but for some reason I can never pull it off. I really like the pictures you take. What kind of camera do you use?

Amiee Whitney said...

Lol, rent rent rent!
I love white nail varnish!

Amiee Whitney said...

Haha oh I was loling at your calendar saying rent every week XD

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