Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Lipstick Swatches.

Hey Babes,
I've been using one shade of lipstick quiet frequently throughout the month of January and that is "Sleek" 833 Fuchsia, which i mentioned in my last post. This colour has been on my lips throughout most of January and i love the shade. Not only that, but i have found that with "Sleek"  lipsticks they feel amazing, when on and when being applied. They just glide right onto the lips, (feeling mostly velvet like) they last for hours without fading and also mange to get people's attention to notice their gorgeous colours. While shopping around on eBay the other night, i also came by a "Collection 2000" lipstick and at £1.90 i brought it, just to see if i liked the colour and how it feels once on the lips. I brought Perfect Pink 1 - Volume Boost.

  1. Sleek 833 Fuchsia.
  2. Collection 2000 Perfect Pink 1.

As you can see by the shades, "Sleek" is a darker, deeper shade and in fact when actually looking at it, it looks like Barbie Lipstick! Where as "Collection 2000" is a lighter pink with hints of glitter (seriously, when your wearing this colour, you don't see the glitter..once the colour is wiped off your hands, your lips etc..glitter EVERYWHERE!) . Altogether i prefer the "Sleek" lipstick, it lasts longer, it feels nicer as it is applied and is more noticeable and vivid as a colour rather then the "Collection 2000" which..wipes off quiet easily, doesn't last very long and leaves glitter after application. I do however really like the colour of the "Collection 2000" lipstick swatch, and i do think the "Sleek" colour would be more suitable for nights out, (Even though I've been wearing the shade in my everyday life.. LOL).

Have you got any of these?
Have you tried any of the "Collection 2000" and "Sleek" lipsticks!?


Anonymous said...

LOVE the Sleek lipstick.. I think I will buy it :P xx

Anonymous said...

Oh my god. The fuchsia one is amazing!! Do want!!

Lol btw it's Amiee, I'm on my phone! :D

..R May A.. said...

I have one sleek lipstick but I definately want to try these out :)
great post!! x

Amiee Whitney said...

But where is it frooooooooooooom? <3

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