Saturday, 19 February 2011

LUSH Part 2.

So as most of you know I went to LUSH this week and brought some products, I already did a post of one and most of you liked it. I now have the second one to do a small review on.

The Ex Factor by LUSH is great, as soon as it touched the water it exploded and my water turned Bright blue as expected. This one was a little different to The Frog Prince however, as this one, towards the end of it, made lots of little bubbles appear throughout my bath, The Frog Prince left no bubbles..but this one made a few of them, as well as spinning its way around the whole tub like crazy. Again just as before this one had an amazing smell, that even Danny couldn't help but mention and it left the smell lingering in the bathroom for ages. This week I also received my Moody Moo Package from the gorgeous Anna, I won the contest on her blog and this was my little prize, I used the bath pillow for my gorgeous LUSH bath, and felt deeply relaxed!!

Have you tried The Ex Factor? Did you like it?


Hayley said...

awww i love the ex factor, smells sooo nice xxxx

Jess said...

I bought and I'm really looking forward to using it. :)

P.S. I love your bath pillow!


Amiee Whitney said...

Lol looks so fun xD
You know, I never spell doughnut right, I always put donut!

Anna said...

Hehe thanks :)
um they used one of their own foundations :) it was amazing! theyre called New ID studios, check it out :)
And I have nooo idea, but theres one in westfield :)
YAY I'm glad you liked the pillow and stuff :D hehe

Miss A said...

Haven't tried it yet but I want to now! Such cool bright blue water - wow! :)

Also, just found your blog - it's awesome :)


Miss A said...

following you now :)

hope you'll follow me back ;)


Anonymous said...

Thats so cool!! Too bad i dont know if we hve those in finland :( haha

bebe bird beck said...

It looks wonderful!
I may have to order some soon. :]

I did have a super good workout. Thanks! And you should! It really makes you want to wear everything in your closet so you can get back to shopping. ;]

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