Friday, 18 February 2011

The Imperial War Museum Day Out.

Good evening there,
Today has a been a tiring day,which started at 10am and didn't finish until about 8p. Me and Danny woke up and went to the post office to post some eBay stuff Danny had sold, then we came home and decided that together we were going to go to "The Imperial War Museum". Danny didn't look too impressed to be honest, it was already nearly 12 and the museum was about an hour away and Danny just looked like he generally didn't want to actually its his last proper day of rest before he goes back to work, needless to say he still went..ANDD he loved it. Now I thought he would leave the museum saying "that was good baby, killed some time, made you happy and was fairly enjoyable"..however what he did say as we left was more along the lines of "Fuck its cold, lets go straight home and eat something I'm hungry, I don't want to catch the 6 'o clock underground crowd and also, that was good baby I liked it". What he meant by "..I liked it.." was more like I loved it, since we have got home, he has gone online, and searched for books, DVDs and researched about Winston Church Hill and Adolf Hitler. My boy loved the museum. I had actually gone to this one before, and I thoroughly enjoyed it last time, so I knew U would love showing Danny around it, I didn't expect him to love it as much as he did, I mean, I knew he was into documentaries and stuff, but I had no idea he would be into History as much as me, especially war history from Briton.

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The Imperial War Museum is a great museum to explore if you have a chance. Located near Lambeth North, it is full of memorabilia and facts on World War 1 and 2. Admission is Free, as is most of its exhibits. There is a 1940's house to explore, The Trench Experience and The Blitz Experience to travel through. As well as The Holocaust Experience and plenty of Tanks and Fighter Planes to admire. There is a gift shop that holds memorabilia of your day at the museum as well as a cafe that offers little snacks to keep your energy up. For a museum based in London, for the admission price and for 6 levels of history, The Imperial War Museum is defiantly worth a visit!!

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What Museums have you been to and would you recommend?


Amiee Whitney said...

Too many to count!
But always the national history museum!

Amiee Whitney said...

Thanks :D
Ahaha Ana I just read your comment and thought you meant my hair was the one with dinosaurs and I was like WTF?
Ahaha. Yes national history is the dinosaur one! :D

Anna said...

Ahh I really wanna go there :( But I agree with Amiee, national history museum, and also SCIENCE MUSEUM :D it's so fun! :) <3

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