Wednesday, 23 February 2011

I've had the time of my life.




Foundation: Instant Anti Age The Eraser - 040 Fawn.
Concealer: Beauty UK Blemish Perfect - Nude.
Powder: Natural Collection Loose Powder - Neutral.
Blusher: Collection 2000 Blusher - 02 Bashful.
Mascara: Collection 2000 Extreme Coloured Lengthening Mascara - 1 Black.
Lipstick: Collection 2000 Volume Boost - Perfect Pink 1.
(I use Collection 2000 a teensy bit much huh?)

I have been off work this week, and tomorrow is my last day off. I plan to have a duvet day, maybe playing some games and watching some DVDs with my sisters. I've got to spend some time with them this week, and its been alright. We had a day out yesterday in Lambeth, and a day of shopping before that. I have also been running around helping Danny's dad out with some stuff this week, So much for a week off!
Last week I started and finished reading Patrick Swayze's Autobiography. It had me in tears at the end, because when he wrote the book he kinda made the last few sentences stuff like " I will fight this until the end!" or "I'm gonna beat it, I will never give up!" and it brought a tear to my eye because he is of course now Deceased. :( The love him and his wife Lisa shared was a beautiful though and I guess in all of this, she is now the victim.
(I have no clue as to why I went off on a odd ramble there about Patrick, maybe because I was watching clips of my favourite film ever "Dirty Dancing" and it reminded me of the book. - Sorry!)

Time for a major rant, sorry in advance!
I did a HUGE clear out of my wardrobe the other night, I threw out dresses, that were ruined, didn't fit or there was just generally something wrong with them. I threw out tops, jackets, trousers, bras and knickers (including thongs and other bits) I then went down to the rubbish bin located in my garden and threw it all in there. My sisters also made bags of rubbish which we threw in there too. Imagine my surprise when at 8am, the next morning i hear gibberish talking from outside, I go to the window and see 2 gypsies going through my rubbish and filling up an empty buggy with my clothes. This made me angry, now I don't know why it made me so angry, should I have just let them take my clothes?, I mean it was for the rubbish anyway..right? but something inside made me really angry, perhaps it was the mess they were making around my garden with the clothes and the rubbish bags, perhaps it was that the night before they walked past my neighbours house and threw into her nice clean garden a recycling bin full of bits of crap and just left it there scattered around (bare in mind, my neighbour is elderly and over 70 and hardly leaves the house..seems real fair that she's gonna have to clean all that up alone)! Whatever it was inside me, just snapped and I stormed downstairs (no make up on, not even a bra - just Pj's and a robe) and had a huge fight with them, while they argued back in Romanian. I pointed at the bin and told them to put the bags back in there..One of the the cheeky cows, picked the bag up and put it on the buggy and started walking off. I swear I could have pulled her long plaited hair backwards when I saw her start to walk off,, i mean how rude? I shouted at her again and pointed towards my bin, she put the bags back in where they belonged. While muttering to the other Gypsy in Romanian once more, they then calmly walked off with a buggy full of my stuff, I could see an old handbag of mine (I don't know why I didn't do it, but I should have taken everything off that buggy and thrown it into the bin in front of them, but i think maybe I didn't want to touch them or anything, they didn't exactly look clean!) They walked off a bit and walked into one of my other neighbours gardens and started going through their bins. This to me is DISGUSTING! I then took the bags out of the bin and put them in my front hallway, and shut my door, I heard them go to my bin again (probably thought, "now the mad woman is gone lets try again", but no luck as all the bags were with me). Although the bag I had made up full of clothes was missing, I'm assuming they took most of my clothes and didn't make it to my sisters bags before I got there. Funny thing is, my bras, knickers, thongs and all sorts of undergarments were all gone, that's even more DISGUSTING! I filed a complaint to the council, but whats the point? the council here is soo lame! Danny says, I should have just let them take the stuff, I mean it was for the rubbish anyway, but that's not the point?! to me, the point is, if its MY rubbish in My rubbish bags and I have put them in MY bin that's in MY garden then DON'T touch it, I couldn't care if it's going to the tip or if its not, Its my possessions and in my property, so don't touch them, That's like coming into my house seeing a DVD that's not near the other DVDS and taking it. No, it just don't work like that. Also if I allowed them to do it, what message does that give them..?? "Lets try again and again.." until we're known as the house that has the bin with the most treasure in..! Hmph. Its funny, that if I want my garden to remain clean and if I want peace of mind, I have to keep my rubbish bags, when they have clothes, shoes, bags or any type of thing like that, with me inside my house until collection day, otherwise I get gypsies going through it all and throwing crap out everywhere and then walking away without a care in the world. They only moved in about a month ago, so prepare yourselfs, my dear readers for my posts on my new annoying and slightly weird Gypsy neighbours!
RANT DONE - I feel a little better..!

What are your thoughts on these kind of gypsies!?

Also, to end on a good note.. one of the things I look forward to now every night, has to be "Sabrina the teenage witch" time. I found some links to this show on youtube the other day and since then I have been hooked!! Me and my sisters used to watch it growing up and now we watch at least 2 epsiodes a night, funny how I remember some of the stuff their about to say, even before they do say it. I love when me and Sylvia gather around and watch it together! :) Always brings a smile to my face. Can't wait for payday, may buy the collection on ebay!

What shows did you guys watch as kids?!


Gismorama said...

I really like your blog .. your pictures are so beautiful :)

i follow you , hope you follow me too or have sometimes a look in my blog ;)

Amiee Whitney said...

Depends on the Gypsy!
I don't really mind them so much.

Amiee Whitney said...

They're not hippies are they? They're generally a nightmare to live by, experienced those idiots. Messiest people EVER!

Anna said...

Ooh I can imagine how you feel that would really annoy me! And I paid about 200 for all of it (for 3 people) :) <3

Joanna Louise said...

Your lips look gorgeous!!! And I loved the rant! x x

Babe Jane said...

great lipstick colour!

the blonde way of fashion – Babe Jane Fashion

..R May A.. said...

that lip colour is gorgeous on you :)
gorgeous post!! x

Anonymous said...

I once was decluttering my flat and was going up and down as there was so many boxes and by the time I went back up to get the 2nd box of rubbish the 1st box had alredy gone!=D they are fast mannn=D but tbh I wasnt botherd bcoz it was for the bin after all, all the better stuff I alwayz give to a charity...=)))

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