Wednesday, 5 January 2011

The Paris Way..

So i may not have been blogging at all on blogger but i have found some inspiration while i was away by blogging or posting on my tumblr. I love my tumblr, it allows me to post any image, message or thought so simply and i am constantly inspired because the people i am following are constantly posting other images and giving me ideas for what to post next. Some people don't really understand tumblr and what its all about but i love the freedom i feel when i tumble.. i then realised blogger is the same concept and i just have to allow myself to be more free with my posts and not so uptight about what i post. A friend of mine, (Sabrina) you might also read her blog..if not then check it out by clicking her name. She said i should try and figure out what my blog is about, the main focus of it, to be honest she's right. When i started this blog about 2 years ago, it was all about my daily life and the stuff happening in it. As time has gone on i got inspired by some of the beauty bloggers out there and so transformed it a bit, and now i feel lost as to what its really about. So I'm going back to basics and going to do what i know best and that's be me. Write what i want from the head and heart, if you like it, keep following if not then UN follow..
(Free Expression done and out of the way..Phew - on to the post)

Soo i have been a little inspired by one thing tonight and that shall be what i post about now.


Paris, Je T'aime ♥

I really hope to visit there this year, I've been a few times, but never truly got to experience the Parisian lifestyle..I'm hoping to go with my boyfriend and i have to say I've dropped MAJOR hints, but I'm slowly getting nowhere, but if all else fails..maybe a nice weekend break away with the girlie's wont be so bad either!! :) although if it is with the girls that i end up going, then PARIS better watch out, it has no idea whats in store!!

I really hope 2011 is my year! :D

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