Thursday, 6 January 2011

Oh Calamity..

Hello Readers.. how are we all this evening,
i seem to only do blog posts at night now, or right before going to bed..! :/ not sure this is a good time to get readers to read..when their sleeping, haha.
Anyways, today was my first day back at work for 2011, and boy was it seriously so many staff off or away or "exhausted" in the morning..and then by the afternoon we felt over packed with staff..! Can't complain too much, one more day and then i get to rest again! :D *Smug look*
Today i have read few quite a lot of blogs, trying to figure out how i would like mine to look, i have to say i have some ideas, but they all seem a little jumbled in my head. I will be trying to fix it within the next few days, as hopefully i will have some extra time on my hands because of the weekend.
What are you guys up to this weekend? anything nice?

My plans for tomorrow are as follows:

But for now, I'm so tired out, that i am going straight to my bed where i know that the second my head touches the pillow this will happen...

..Andd, all i can say is..I'm so excited!! :D
Going to bed now my lovelies.

P.S If you have not yet checked it out then feel free to check out my tumblr page, it may amaze you :D haahaa..

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