Monday, 3 January 2011

No Motivation..

Hello my angels, and a belated
to each of you.

I have had no inspiration for my blog and I'm a little downhearted about it, because i do enjoy being able to come to blogger and let all my feelings, thoughts, frustrations and emotions out. However as of late, i have had minimal inspiration to write any posts, no matter if i had just gone shopping and could have done a big clothes haul, or weather i had reviews about books i had read or films i had watched, even to make up i had bought and tested. No inspiration what so ever. I don't have many followers here so i don't expect many people to have noticed me missing, but i do want to come back and blog a bit more. Maybe that should be my New Years maintain this blog..?? what do you guys think? i just feel like i have nothing interesting to talk about.. however, me not updating my blog..does not mean i have not been reading yours, because every time i log into blogger and think.."today could be the day, i blog something useful and cool" (and then it never happens) i always check every ones blogs to see the posts they have made recently. This makes me feel even more downhearted as everyone still seems to be inspired and have something of interest to write about.. Hmm :|
I really need to find some inspiration.. Let me know what helps you guys when your feeling unmotivated..

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Sunny & Star said...

I always love checking your blog when you have a new post. I would miss you terribly if you went away. We all have times when we are feeling uninspired or have writer's block. Just take enjoy life, look to things you love and you will be back on track in no time.

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