Friday, 7 January 2011

Nails of the Day 070111

A big Hiiii.. to you all, thanks for dropping by. I'm at the moment on my Twitter, (feel free to start following me) and i have become quite addicted to it, i find it so much better then my facebook at the moment.
Whats your favourite networking site?
Since about New Years Eve, i have been wearing the same colour nail polish, part of this is because i love the colour but mostly, because its such a dark shade i am a little worried that when i do eventually remove it, my nails will still be stained. Now its only happened to me twice, once with the colour black and another time with a strong green, neither of which i want to repeat again, so I'm really hoping this colour when it is FINALLY removed (i love it, i don't see it leaving my nails just yet) will just completely come off and leave no trace of it behind. haha ;)

The nail polish is from my favourite.. Barry M, of course.. and the shade is 292 NAVY. I absolutely love this colour, and one coat is enough, i, however was looking for a really dark effect so went for 2 coats and it worked out just the way i wanted. :D
A very pretty and inexpensive nail polish. Thank you again Barry M

Whats your favourite brand of polish!? - is it weird I'm using the word polish instead of varnish!? "Nail varnish" or "Nail polish"? lol


sugarbeauty♥ said...

Use the Cutex nourishing, the one with nail whitening formula! Any colour or any stain is removed! My life saver!


Sylvia said...

varnish sis ;)

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