Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Small Shopping Haul

Bonjour my lovelies,
On Saturday just gone by i had some time on my hands so i made a quick dash to Primark while my boyfriend waited in the queue at the bank, and while in Primark i picked up 2 pieces i actually loved straight away, the first..

My lovely new handbag, it was £9 and i thought it was a bargain, since having it though, i have realised how it can be quiet an uncomfortable bag to carry around. Very BULKY!!

The second thing i got was..
These gorgeous boots, amazingly comfortable and so stylish and only for £15..my new favourite winter boots.

Then i headed over to Peacocks and i picked up a new pair of slippers as my sister Monica had ruined my others. £3 only!

And finally here's what I'm reading at the moment..

I love this book and i miss this man! R.i.P :(
I'm not sure on the price anymore, i've had it since he died!


Alexandra said...

I have that bag in black, its great fits so much and although its from primark i always get comments on it

V said...

Hi Ana! Your following my blog and now Im following yours. And I am SO inspired! You are a beautiful lady with great taste. Cheers to new blog friends. :)

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