Sunday, 26 September 2010

Small Haul

Hey my lovelies,
I have a mini haul for you, i am supposed to be saving money and i have to say i was very good when i saw one pair of winter boots for £18 and a pair of dainty dancing shoes for £15 and i didn't buy any. I did leave the shops quiet sad and my boyfriend sort of had to drag me out of the shops without the shoes, but at least i saved that bit of money.
Sooo on to the haul,

I brought this blue top with beads at the front and lace down the back for £5 from Bardo. :)

I needed a new pair of leggings even though the weather is getting colder and more like jeans weather, i still wanted a pair and at £3 from Primark it wasn't too expensive to have. I brought them in a shade of blue/dark grey.

I loveee winter jumpers, in actual fact i prefer the woolly ones more then the plain ones like this one, but i needed a long-ish one to maybe wear with leggings. This stripy one is cute and i love the sleeves, adds something unique to it. As well as the colours of the stripes..
£11 from Primark

This was a two in one piece, it was a flower long sleeve top with a long thin black sorta coat over it, the coat is attached, i did like this and it wasn't until i got it home and showed my sisters that one of them said "ahh very HIPPY" hmm :/ not the look i was going for but ya know.. lol
£11 from Primark.

going to buy it! :) Finally i brought this top, it's quiet simple with stripes again, and i love the colour. Thought i would brighten up my wardrobe a little bit, even though its not really made for winter i still think its cute, and the price had gone down from £3 to £1.. in Primark. COME ONNN... course imBARGIN!

I have been noticing how i have a lot of "stripy" tops, do you have many of them in your wardrobe..??


Sunny & Star said...

I absolutley love the tanktop

Anonymous said...

love the blue top! love your sense of fashion! can you check out on mine? you will definetly love it! follow if you like it! i`ll return the favor! xoxo

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