Friday, 24 September 2010

Weekend Plans?

Hey Gorgeous ladies,
and how have we been lately..?
Thank god the weekend has arrived and i am a little excited at the thought of what I'm going to do to my blog, i will fixing it up, and updating it.. SIDEBAR wise! LOL a little makeover if you will and I'm so excited! What has everyone been up to lately? Me.. urm working a lot, and since yesterday evening i have taken on a new approach to things, i hate getting taken for a mug so i have decided no more miss nice girl and if the boxing gloves have to come out for anyone they will!! I have had enough and will not be taking any more crap for anyone anymore.
Enough of that little rant!

So..the question i want answered is...
Whats every one's plans for this weekend? What are you all up to?


MiniDiva said...

Glad to hear it babe ya such a lovely person and should never be treated like a mug so dont take any crap from anyone! xxxxxxxx

Sunny & Star said...

Hey. I've been so busy with work this weekend and I have 4 or 5 hours of work to do this weekend. Other than that I plan to just relax. I am needing some down time.

Jessica said...

I'm liking the new approach, people shouldn't walk all over you, i learnt to do that and it's much better than people thinking you'll do what they want, do well done! :)
I've just finished my last shift in work as I need to focus on my 2nd year at uni, i'm already dreading the huge piles of work D: i'm off to see my blovely boyfriend later and probably just chill tomorrow :)

enjoy your weekend lovely!

(sorry for the fat post haha i tend to gab on :P )

Jessica said...

i'm studying Journalism, i start tomorrow, 9am starts four days in a row... not impressed!
awh thank you i did :) have you enjoyed your weekend? i need to catch up on the x factor later tonight, i keep missing it!
i like that foundation but i get worried i look abit orange? haha maybe it's just my lighting, and i'm planning on wearing the jumper tomorrow for uni, so i'm nice and warm :)

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