Tuesday, 21 September 2010


Hey my lovelies,
Its been a long time coming this post, but i honestly am starting to feel a little disheartened. I have no inspiration at the moment, not just for blogging but anything in general. Literally, just can't seem to get inspired by anything any more these days and so i have been lacking in posts. Sorry :(
Anyways for now, i thought id show you my jewelery and make up storage..well.. some of it :)

I have my big cloth-y pouch on the far left that i got from Ikea, and its a pack of 3 i think. Inside there, is all my creams, lotions, hair products like serum and frizzy products. You will also find face moisturizer and some sprays for sensitive skin that i brought while in Madeira. I've also got some free samples i need to test out and maybe review.
On the far right i have a make up storage box, that again i brought in Ikea. I have separate compartments and in honesty i think i need to but another one. I have one compartment for nail polishes, another for blushers, bronzers and eye shadows (i wanted these separate but ran out of room, hence why i need another one). Then i have lip glosses and lipsticks, another one for concealers and foundations, and finally i have the back section full of mascara, eyeliners, liquid liners and its got face sponges. I will defiantly need to buy another box so i can separate all of these, but since my make up collection is teeny tiny at the moment i guess this will do for now. I've always been a "shoes" girl and whenever i have money about.. it tends to go on shoes or clothes not so much beauty stuff, besides i work with kids so i don't wear a lot of make up through out the week, they rub it all off anyway. LOL

I have my tall Jewelery tower that i got from Asda. Top shelf is bracelets and bangles, 2nd shelf is earrings, 3rd shelf is rings and badges (don't ask..i was really into the whole Badge wearing style) and the last shelf is full of necklaces. Again this is another storage unit i need to buy more of, just because theres no more space for more bracelets and some of my necklaces are too big and bold to go in the bottom shelf as well. Some bloggers have these towers as make up storage, which i think is also a good idea. I have more necklaces hanging on my wardrobe door. Need more storage. :/
I have a tiny little cup that's been divided into 2 parts, i think i got it from Staples..but I'm not too sure. I use one side for brushes and the other for nail clippers and eyebrow curlers to hang off. (not all my brushes are on display here) :P
I have a tiny heart shaped box, which used to have chocolates in that my workmates gave me, I've now eaten them and replaced the box with hairbands, and hair clips, And finally i have wipes, i have just recently ran out of my usual Nivea wipes and this time opted for some Baby wipes for sensitive skin from pampers and so far their doing the trick.

ANDDDD that ladies is my make up storage at the moment, not the best as i don't have a lot in the collection but i like it the way it is. Only thing bugging me a little is the fact i can never find any products that i want to use when needed quickly because there all buried under one another in the slouch storage, but until another solution pops up this will have to do. haha Besides i don't have much room full stop for anything! :(

how do you store your things?


Dee O. said...

I absolutely LOVE those bins! They are so useful for makeup, I have a huge one in my closet where I keep my makeup and other random items that don't really have a special place lol. As for my jewelry, I actually hang them from tacks on a big cork board lol. I started doing it my freshman year of college and I loved the convenience of having all my necklaces and earring in an easy to reach place and I loves how my necklaces never got tangled since they were hanging lol but I also store some in bins as well! As for inspiration, I get that way to sometimes and I have no idea what to write about. What I like to do is just imagine what I would like to see on a blog I was visiting and then I just go off of that lol. It works some of the time :P

feel free to check out my blog:

Sunny & Star said...

My jewelry is scattered around my bedroom. Not the best method of storage. :-( I've been wanting a jewerly tree for forever. But I can't find the one that to me is perfect.


Anonymous said...

Great Ideas, my stuff is just everywhere


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