Wednesday, 15 September 2010

A big post on an amazing show!

this is not one of my usual posts, but i feel like a big part of me is gone and finished so i feel the need to blog about it. I was very late on the whole "LOST" series, and actually started to watch it when everyone who had been watching from the beginning was waiting for season 6 to come out, but once i got into it, i really loved it. From the very beginning, it has had me captured. I've loved all the mysteries and how i am always asking questions, like how? what? where? who? why? It has had me laughing, crying, and generally thinking things through. (Yes i am officially sad) :P It does have some strong messages in there though, and often reminds me to be thankful for what i have and to always tell my loved ones how much they truly mean to me. I have favourite characters but they change throughout episodes and seasons. I have to say i cried when some of the characters died, but i cried the most when Charlie died, his death was painful to watch and i really wanted him to survive.. i thought it was so unfair. I'm not gonna spoil anymore and tell you who else might live, die, come back..or what anything on that island is. I recommend you all watch it, at least give it a try, if your not into it by the 4th episode then at least you tried. It might not be to every one's taste, and even Sylvia who watched it with me, wasn't too satisfied with the ending, she liked it but she didn't seem satisfied. I on the other hand, thought it was a god ending, any other way and the people from the island would not have been happy! So yes i was happy with it.
One piece of advice, if you do start watching it, then don't go and look online for any upcoming episodes, because it will ruin everything for you! :)
AND NOW.. heres some photos that have made me smile while doing this post..

It has finished! :)

Claire, Not Sure, Sawyer, Kate, Sayid and Charlie chilling behind the scenes!

Charlie and Claire seeing what comes next..

Jack and Kate happy to have found out the truth..

Sawyer and Juilet remembering what they had..

Kate and Jack saying goodbye ;)

Charlie and Claire pretending theres peanut butter.. LOL

Shannon and Sayid falling in Love

Jin and Sun seeing each other after sooo long

Anna, Charlie and Sayid behind the scenes.

Tom and Juiliet (i hated Tom). :)

Sawyer and Kate, BEST photo EVER!

Ben and his Stunt double, i remember when Ben was innocent! :)

Daniel who always knew all this..


Shannon and Sayid behind the scenes!

Sorry this post has been so long, but once i found some photos i couldn't stop getting more and more!


Anna said...

I miss watching Lost! I stopped after like somewhre in the 2nd season?

Anonymous said...

I love Lost :)..Cute blog!..I follow you..If you like, visit my blog..

Anna said...

I knoww! I'll catch up when I get time! The box sets are expensive though :( Aw I knoww I miss you too! what have you been up to? <3

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