Monday, 13 September 2010

Girl Crush

Hey, :)
So I have recently discovered, i have a girl crush on a celebrity. I like her fashion sense, i think she has such pretty hair, her make up always looks flawless, and wherever she is, weather its red carpet premieres or just out and about she always manages to look effortless, but this is not why i think she's beautiful.. it's her face. She has this amazing little face, her features are all petite but she is so beautiful.

Ashley Greene

I think she just has a lovely pure face.
Do any of you have girl crushes? :)


manuela said...

everytime i see her i cant believe how beautiful she is, seriously! nice blog

Becca said...

This is so cute.
And I so know what you mean, she's gorgeous.

Yamilette27 said...

She really is. I agree wholeheartedly. (I always wanted to use that word!)

Lauren Ellingham said...

2 words- megan fox

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