Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Shopping haul

Afternoon my lovelies,
i went into town, well I'm calling it town but it's Wood Green. Anyways i had an important meeting today, stuff to do with the council, i took my little sister Monica with me. After the meeting had finished i went on to buy some clothes for the holiday which is fast approaching.. so i have my first little shopping haul! :)

These are my Khaki Leggings, with the little button studs at the bottom. (I also have them in black)
Primark - £3

Pink and grey flower dress/long top..perfect to wear with leggings in London (with its mixed weather) and perfect for a simple dress on holiday.
Primark - £4

Simple grey top, i love the back design so i had to have it, it was also a bargain.
Bardo - £3

The perfect denim summer shorts, not too long but not too short that you see bum cheeks. :)
Name of shop UNKNOWN, it was a random shop on my local High Road - £8

Summer surfer girl shorts..in PINK! (they just about fit me..) :|
Bardo - £3

My favourite buy, the orange maxi dress, I've wanted a maxi for ages and i seem to always buy them too short, size is EVERYTHING when it comes to these babies..and i love the way this one looks on me and feels. The belt is a Vera Wang belt brought for me from the United States by a friend! :)
(please ignore the funny tan lines)
Bardo - £10

And lastly my friendship bracelets, i always buy loads of these in the summer months, they look nice are cheap and there's so many colours and patterns to choose from, if you know how to do them yourself that's a bonus. The black bracelet was brought in a shop called Evolution a while back and i think it was £3-4.
Each little thin bracelet was brought in Camden market in one of the stalls for £1 each.

What have all of you been buying lately?


Jodie_ox said...

omg i love the floral dress! going to hunt around primark for it!


Jodie x

ByJody said...

Great haul :) love the long top/dress :)

Hannahh x said...

I love the floral dress, great haul! :) x

Ana Cristina said...

@Jodie..i know its amazing and only £4..they have alot of similar ones in different colours too!

@Jodie, thank you, i love it too..! :)

@Hannah, thanks..i love this dress too..its so figure hugging! :D

Sunny & Star said...

Those are some great buys! I especially love love love the flower top/dress. It is so pretty and versatile! I love the studs on the bottom of the leggings so cute!

Sunny & Star said...

Wow great purchases.


Ana Cristina said...

thanks sunny, i know i was really happy with my buys today.. and everyone is loving the flower dress/top atm :) its so pretty! x

Anna said...

I LOVE the maxi dress! it's sooo nice! I NEVER thought bardo did nice things :P And that dress thing is soooo hot too! :) <3 ps happy birthday!

Embodying Fashion said...

Love that pink/grey flower dress and orange maxi dress! Awesome purchases.

Ana Cristina said...

aw Anna, the maxi dress is just so beautiful..everytime i out it on i lovee it! :)

and thank you embodying fashion (i dont know your name, im sorry :/)


Chichaul said...


Your haul looks really great.
If you don't mind please share it with our fashion haul community.

Hope to see you around there!
xoxo :)

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