Monday, 2 August 2010

4 Things Tag

Another Evening, Another Tag ;)

i have been tagged by Georgina, find her here Georgina. This tag seems quiet interesting so I'm looking forward to it...
Here We Go:

4 things found in my bag:
-3D glasses from my trip to the cinema to watch Toy Story last week.
-Notepad, i need this where ever i go.

4 things found in my purse:
-Coins, lots especially 2ps.
-Notes, not so many.
-Old recites, from shopping and bill paying.
-Cards, such as credit cards, bill cards, library cards etc.

4 favourite things in my room:
-My bed, where would i be without it?!
-My Cupboard full of clothes :)
-The picture of me and my boyfriend on Brighton Beach.
-My laptop.. Tehehe.

4 things I've always wanted to do:
-Speak French and Italian.
-Swim with a dolphin.
-Fly and be free to go wherever i wanted.
-Make out with Enrique Iglesias.

4 things I'm currently into:
-Organizing everything that comes into contact with me.
-Getting packed and ready for my summer holiday! <--is this even allowed, sorry!

4 things i bet you didn't know about me:
-I work in a nursery where I'm not entirely happy but i can't leave because it's paying my bills.
-It's my birthday on Wednesday and i want it out the way as quickly as possible.
-I used to want to be a photographer.
-I studied journalism at college.

4 songs i can't get out of my head:
-Dream Lover - Bobby Darin.
-Nobody - Keith Sweat.
-Club can't handle me - Flo Rider.
-I Like it - Enrique Iglesias.

I'm tagging:
( if you have done it or if you don't want to, feel free to ignore it (; )

Rules: Once tagged you must:
-Link the person who tagged you
-Tag 4 others
-Let the bloggers know they have been tagged
-Give 4 answers to each question asked


Sunny & Star said...

My purse would have pretty much the same thing in it, except add a camera and chapstick!

Ana Cristina said...

i mostly carry my camera too when my sister hasnt borrowed it, and dont forget the ipod! :) haha x

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