Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Clothes Haul #2

Afternoon ;)
Another day another shopping bag full!
I can't seem too go a day without buying something these days, my excuse.. my holiday is fast approaching, one week to be exact so i need some new summer gear to take with me! :)
i have another shopping haul, but this one ain't as glamorous as the one before, haha.

Some simple vest tops, can not get enough of them.
Peach colour top - £1.50
Red Top - £1
Grey Top - £1.50

Leopard Print Shoes on Sale..haa i love a bargain
Primark - £4

2 Bikinis I'm taking Both from Primark.
Blue one - £5
Red and White one - £7

The Pinky grey dress/top had such a nice effect on my body shape, i had to have another one, i couldn't help myself. I went with a nice summer colour and opted for YELLOW! Bright and cheerful, and only for £5

What do you guys think??

P.S - Today is my birthday, i am now 22 years old, and this day seems to be dragging and going so slow.. urgh i want it over and out of the way already.


Ulaaa said...

First of all happy birthday love!! Hope you have an amazing day and an amazing year! :D
And secondly you have an AMAZING to die for figure and that dress looks beautiful on you!
And thirdly love the haul and hope you have a fab hol! xxx

Ana Cristina said...

thank you very much ula..! :) im wishing for an amzing year too!
:$ and thank you for the figure comment, i really worry about my figure, i get told im so "Skinny" all the time and it winds me up..its like, hm about u say im slim instead..! LOL so by you saying you think i have a nice figure it really has made my day ;D
and finally thank youuu.. i cant wait to go!! :) x

Sunny & Star said...

Happy Birthday!! I hope you have a good day! I really like the flats that you bought! I love both bikinis, but I think I prefer the blue one. And I LOVE the dress and the one you bought before this! You do look amazing in them!

Ana Cristina said...

thank you sunny! :) the day could have gone better! LOL
oh the flats were too cute, i just had to have them.
and im excited about the blue one too..but the red and white one gives me great cleveage.. HAHAHA
and thank you, those dresses are beautiful. :D x

Jesa said...

LOVE that floral dress!
stumbled on your blog-really lovely :)

cheers, Jesa

Ana Cristina said...

thank you jesa,
i like your blog too..!! :)


Jenn said...

Thats such a pretty dress, you look gorgeous! Love your blog as well its really cute.

Jenn xx

Ana Cristina said...

thanks jenn, your blog is cute too, i went to it to try and follow but couldnt find the link!! :/ im sorry, but i'll check back on it.. and thank you for the gorgeous comment! :)) x

Valencia Shanelle said...

Love the dress! It fits you perfect <3

Ana Cristina said...

thank you valencia! :) x

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