Thursday, 5 August 2010

My birthday and Stuffs.

Hey bloggers,
Firstly i don't really know what's happened, but i kinda got bored of the whole "letter Challenge".. haha i think i did OK, i mean i wrote 15 letters out of 30, that's half..!
Secondly, HELLOOO *big wave* to all my new followers, brings a smile to know you come to my page to check things out! :) Feel free to leave a comment and say hey anytime!
So yesterday was my birthday and apart from England having the crappiest weather in ages, i was also a little sick, so i spent most of the day tucked up in bed sleeping or curled up on my sofa playing PlayStation 1, YES 1..not 2 or 3, i went old school and played Mary-Kate and Ashley games i have based on fashion and high school! I wanted my birthday out of the way, i had a feeling it weren't going to be very nice and i was right..but that's life :/ Today at work i got my gift of chocolates, and £25 from my team, one of the parents also brought some cake in for us to eat as a treat..! :) Sylvia brought me a lovely summer dress, which I'm planning to pack away for our holiday, Monica has yet to give me anything.. but I'll give her time.. LOL. My daddy is making my cake at his factory this Saturday for a little party thing..Danny's parents got me a little sketchbook and Danny got me lots of pieces from "Me to you bears"..! It was all pretty cute..! (I think)..

I have a big Tatty Teddy with three roses in his hands, i have a cute little pen which belongs with the sketch book his parents got me, i have a little Tatty Teddy that's came with my little Dairy padlock and keys included. HE says i "Think too much" so i guess this is a way to let all my thoughts out.. and finally i have a little phone charm (which won't be going on my phone but probably my keys). It's the one with a "D". I'll explain the story.

Story Explanation:
Before i met Danny, one day randomly at work while going to take the rubbish out i noticed a "Me to you bear" on the floor and it had the letter D on it, i picked it up and thought "how cute". I took it home with me and left it in my bag totally forgetting about it. Within 4 days of finding it, i met Danny and we had our first date..only a while later when i found the teddy again did i think "Whoa, what a sign, fate maybe?" anyways.. it become my little charm, but i never told Danny about it. We had been going out a month, when we split up and i was so heartbroken i threw the teddy out my bedroom window and into some brambles and bushes, i never saw it again. When me and Danny got back together, of course there was a few heart to hearts, where i eventually told him about it and he thought it would be cute if he could replace it! :) Sweet thought to be fair! And that's the story of the "D Charm".


Effi said...

Happy Birthday! great blog(:
I'll follow your blog if you'll follow mine:

Ana Cristina said...

thank youu hun!
following your! good blog :)

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